Saying that the it wants to make sure that Gloria Victis’ combat “not only looks great, but also feels great,” the team at Black Eye Games is prepping a huge update to how characters animate and handle during fighting encounters.

The team said that there are three parts to this update. The first is adding and improving the animations a character can perform, which is more complex than you might think. For example, the devs said that each weapon requires “over 200 animations” due to all of the interactions and transitions. The second part is the controller, which handles the character as the server and client talk to each other as these interactions between players are thrown about.

The final piece of the puzzle is making sure that synchronization handles properly: “Almost none of these mechanics changes would be possible without major synchronization model remake we are currently performing. Players will no longer fall off stairs after rapid turnover or get stuck when going through door. This will also greatly affect combat, especially PvP – we will greatly reduce desync, thus making combat mechanics more reliable.”

The update is about 60 to 70% complete and should go live within a few weeks.