Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report 8 (Gloria Victis News)

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Hey guys. Lots of fun things have happened in Gloria Victis this past week.

So, the sale brought in a HUGE number of new people. My guild, Ulframmir, has grown to over 375 active members. There are new guilds popping up left and right, and so we Ismirs are trying to cobble together an alliance so that we can effectively communicate and help each other out. To that end, we have been setting up some discord stuff so that we can all get together and fight as a cohesive nation. Ismirs together strong!

But of course there is drama. Skip between the lines if you don’t care about drama.

So this little guild called Banditos started up a few weeks ago with a guy who was returning to the game after a long absence. At first, I was totally willing to help him get started and up to speed on how the game works these days. I agreed to not hog up all the noob recruitment (SO MANY LEAFS I NEED A RAKE AND A LAWNBAG!), provide gear and advice, let them use our comms, maybe even help them get a guild castle at some point. But, it was clear from the first day that he wasn’t happy playing second fiddle to my guild, or me, and him being seen as a “little guild” didn’t really sit well with him (300+ vs 12…). In fact, the first day he came into our comms, he was bossing everyone around and I had to pull him aside and tell him these are my comms, my guys, and I’m shotcalling.

Then he starts telling these outrageous lies to everyone: he told another Ismir guild he would pay them 3g apiece for helping him to get a guild castle (then he said they could just loot the bodies and collect it that way in loot), he told his own guild that I agreed to give him a guild castle (which I did not!), and he got a very high end crafter to join his guild and make his guys gear which he never passed out to his members and used it to lure new recruits. So anyway, all his top guys left and formed a new guild which has since merged with another guild called Knights of the Apocalypse, who seem to be an actual functional group with leadership. We have allied with them and have open communications channels.

So, this Banditos guy, lol, starts trying to set up some kind of secret Ismir uprising to “take down Ulframmir.” Except he blabbed about it in text on discord and I got screenshots of it and I messaged him, told him we would smash his ragtag band of jackasses if we had to (their flag is a donkey), banned him from my discord, and a few days later he banned me from his discord.

My guild is well liked and well equipped. His guild is not. He would not be able to hold a guild castle if he got one. I really do not think he understands the situation. I have been playing the game for 3 years, a lot of my core vets have been too. We are all pretty much friends with everyone on the server to some extent, even the leadership of LEGION and TIGER KNIGHTS.

So anyway, he has his guild, in game, trying to spread around the idea that Ulframmir doesn’t come out to fight. All we do is fight on the front line, all day every day. We just had a 3 hour siege at volkvar castle last night and another 2.5 hour one today. If something gets lit up, we usually are the first ones to check it out and form a warband. Never see any Banditos around except in chat smack talking from the capital where half of them afk all day or dying out in the woods to lynxes lol. After the Banditos lost their iniital guild castle siege fight at Lublin Fort a few weeks ago, I don’t think their guild has recovered in terms of morale, so they are just doing some trash talk instead.

Today he’s bragging in chat about how his guild protected someone’s flax field at Seaclaw farm and where the fuck was Ulframmir? LOL. Great job, sorry we had to take IRL breaks after fighting 30-50 Mids at Volkvar for nearly 3 hours (we did eventually lose that fight because a “random” siege event popped there…but that’s another story).

The Sangmars are having a rough ride on the Aquilla server right now, some of them have given up and left TIGER KNIGHTS and went to LEGION, which makes me feel a little sick. We even lost a couple guys to LEGION recently. But, really they were not a good fit for us anyway. The problem, again, is population balance. Some people just want to roll with the winning side (More than you’d think). It is not always fun to be on the smaller nation. We are always fighting tooth and nail down to the last man trying to defend our lands. The Sangmar are terribly outnumbered and out-resourced to the point that its a REAL hard living down there. Heck, I don’t think I’d survive as a sangmar.

Anyway, my guild has a guild castle defense tomorrow night at Twinfall, and we are busy rallying the troops for that. We need bandages and food crafted. It will be the first guild castle defense for about 70% of our current playerbase and we will need all hands on deck. We did a training session today at the castle to show archers where they could get good shots from, and to show our melee guys where and how to form up for the layout of this castle. It’s a VERY defensible fort, IF we get the numbers to show up. It will probably be about a 50 v 60 fight.

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