Gloria Victis Enters Beta

Indie MMO Gloria Victis has just rolled its way into beta

“[T]he beta will last a few months and will prepare us to leave Early Access. Part of the team will work on bug fixes and new features, and we would like to address players’ demands, and feedback. The other part will focus on optimization, performance, and technical updates. Do not be scared – the game is and will remain fully playable during the process, which is best proven by the players with thousands of hours in-game! Gloria Victis is a project that should be understood as “Game as Service” – despite we already have a lot of features and systems, this is not an end. We will constantly update the game with the help of your feedback and introduce new systems and features like we did in alpha, as we will continue that in the beta state, and after the game release. We will not slow down and we will keep up the pace!”

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