The future is amazing, is it not? With spaceships, fabricators, and interplanetary colonization, there’s no limit to what can be done! What’s that you say? It’s not a glorious future if food still rots? Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that Fragmented has come up with a technique to make consumables that never decay.

This option is but one of the many incredible features that have arrived with the 16.11.1 build. To the mere player of the past, they might not seem like groundbreaking improvements, but you’ll see how important they are when you find yourself stranded on another planet, trying to survive with dated rations.

“This patch includes some more gamepad support (including options, improved radial menu, camera controls, and you can now map to the quickbar from your inventory),” the team wrote. “Some housing issues that were reported in the previous build also had some adjustments to fix some errors found. Further changes were made on momentum for vehicles to help prevent them from rolling away.”

Source: Patch notes