Eve Online: Snowballs for the holidays


You’ve been playing EVE Online long enough to know that it’s rarely good news when another ship arrives nearby and starts heading toward you with murder in its (metaphorical) eyes. There’s not much you can do at that point, and you start trying to evade, but your ship is helpless as it aims and fires off a full volley of… snowballs. Yes, the winter event has come to the game, and that brings with it two drops of seasonal awards to all active EVE accounts on December 24th and December 31st. The first drop is all snowballs, while the second is fireworks.

Players who can’t wait to pepper their opponents with snowballs can also receive these items from Operation Frostline loot drops or purchase them from the New Eden store. There are also special collectibles and commodities available on December 24th to celebrate the year’s events and a snowball fight on December 20th, so players will have plenty of opportunity to target one another with frozen ice instead of weapons. Or possibly frozen ice followed almost immediately by weapons.