Dual Universe – Release Roadmap & Alpha Launch Announcement (Civilization Building Sci-Fi MMORPG)



We want to share another bit of important news with our early backers: by the end of 2018 we will be giving access to the game in its Alpha stage to all our Kickstarter backers, regardless of the pledge level (for those not in the game yet, access will be given in waves)! Access to the game at the end of 2018 was one of our promises during the Kickstarter campaign, and we want to keep our promises, even if the game is not yet finished as we hoped it would be.

It will also allow us to welcome more players and to give a token of appreciation to the first backers who made this happen. We’ll proceed by giving access to the game through several waves (not all Kickstarter Backers will have the game on Alpha 1, Day 1) and further details will be announced later about that, so stay tuned. Also we have not forgotten post-Kickstarter Founder Backers who joined later and, as a thank you, we have also advanced their access to the game at an earlier stage.