Dual Universe confirms ship vs. ship combat and organizations are coming to alpha 3 in January

Phase 3 will be the first iteration of PvP, specifically construct vs. construct combat. Dual Universe will also eventually have avatar vs. avatar PvP, but the team reasoned that ship combat would be more interesting to both play and test. This means that players will get to build combat ships and blow holes in one another in real time using the game’s voxel technology. Specifics on weapon types and combat weren’t elaborated on, but Baille did confirm that PvP will first happen at specific areas in order to get feedback. Players should also bear in mind that a repair tool did not make it in to alpha 3, so build only what you don’t mind seeing blown to smithereens.

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2019/11/22/dual-universe-confirms-ship-vs-ship-combat-and-organizations-are-coming-to-alpha-3-in-january/.