Darkfall Rise of Agon: Intro to Embers of War

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Project Update: Intro to Embers of War

Greetings Agonians,

Today we announce Embers of War – the first expansion being developed for Rise of Agon! In this news post we plan to go over what has been happening around the game and company with an update to show the community what is going on behind the scenes and what will come in the future.

What is Embers of War?

With the recent experience on piecemealing in some larger features we have realized that the scope of what we want to do with the future of the game is too large to put in small pieces over many patches. For this reason we are grouping up all of the planned ideas we have for the near future into our first expansion for Rise of Agon: Embers of War. We are not able to feasibly do the features justice unless we can code them in their entirety as full systems and as such we will focus virtually all resources to these expansion features. We say virtually all resources as this expansion focus does not mean we will stop with regular patching.

What will be different?

We are splitting the development into two teams to ensure that each team can focus on its goals. Team A will complete the promised Territory Control 1.0 feature that includes platinum and clan mines before jumping full force into the future expansion features, only putting features on live once complete. We will prototype features on the test server before they go on live so the community will be able to check out what is coming up in the next major builds. Team B will be focused on the current game, polishing and addressing community concerns with small frequent patches and updates.

Livestream: Expansion, Q&A and TC 1.0

We will be doing a livestream this Saturday, November 3rd which is tentatively set to take place from 3-5pm EDT, New York/Toronto time. We will release a thread for players to pose questions and topics up for discussion a few days before the livestream. Even if you are attending please try to put your questions into the thread ahead of time so we can ensure we get to them. Answering questions the day of can be a bit of a frenzy and we want more structure going forward. Schedule of topics and discussions for the livestream will be announced later this week and Andrew will be involved in them from now on! Due to the family’s new addition of their 4th child he has been unavailable for the previous streams but with things settling down in the Ballinger household he will be able to commit to the monthly livestream and come out of hiding. This livestream will have an open forum time at the end for any additional questions and discussions, and we are committing at least two hours of time.

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