Darkfall Online (Darkfall 1) really is coming back!


Greetings Agonians.

There has been some confusion about certain topics around the game and the company, and I’d like to give some explanation around them.

While I understand why you might be confused, let me shed some light in the latest developments.

As per DF1 licensing

We can see that there are players that want the game back, players that enjoyed DF1. Certain parties were interested in building an DF1 emulator, some others wanted to buy the game etc.

We really put some thought into it, calculated the expenses and what would someone need to do in order to bring the game back to life. As you might know, our resources are pretty limited when it comes to this. The expenses for the revival of DF1 were simply too much for us to do it. Some of these expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Server capacity.
  • Development time/Rebuilding missing files etc.
  • Keep DFUW in motion while re-creating DF1.
  • DF1 services (AMS etc) rebuild cost.
  • Staff needed for this task.

This wasn’t realistic given the time and resources needed for this project, so we decided to let the interested parties go ahead with that, as they informed us that they could afford the aforementioned, so we decided to give it a try for the sake of people that want DF1, and to satisfy the interested parties, since right now, DF1 is getting dust in the closet.
Trust me, it’s not like we will become ultra rich by this licensing deal, so money is not the biggest reason of why we decided to license the game.

Also, DF1 possible launch will not affect our future plans for DFUW.

As per DFUW future.

Let me put it in a very clear way: We are not planning to shut the game down. As you know, DFUW is our main project, so it makes absolutely no sense to shut it down. We have people working hard on the upcoming patches, and we are destined to try our best in order to enhance the quality of these patches.

You can see some of our future plans, in Esprit’s thread. Let’s quote them!

Quote Originally Posted by Esprit
To shed a bit more light on the the next patch: Its main focus is PvE. (and of course removing the haloween theme)
We noticed some confusion on the boards about what “pve routes” might mean. Here are the basic components of this mini-revamp for PvE.

1. Many uninteresting mob spawns were converted into challenging, and profitable ones.

2. Many spawns that were interesting before, have been upgraded further, but also made more challenging.

3. Some tweaks to monster stats, and abilities in order to try to make things more consistent.

4. Some ‘super spawns’ were created which are intended for larger scale PvE encounters. These are meant to be cleared out by 2+ veteran players and then they can move on to a nearby spawn which should also be profitable.

In general the above changes should help to create a place for group PvE, as well as fixing some of the inconsistencies in gear distribution. PvE activities that you used to enjoy will still be viable, rather these other spawns can be engaged for additional challenge and wealth.

For now, the four subcontinents and the central Agon have been updated. More regions will follow.

Apart from all these changes, we also plan our next event (Which will be the Christmas event) followed by some ingame changes. Let me state that we’re pretty open when it comes to suggestions for our next patches so PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to provide us with excellent suggestions. We’re listening, and you can see that, given that our latest patches are based 90% on YOUR feedback. We’re also accepting cool x-mas event ideas. If you’re a creative spirit, please ascend! We want you to tell us what you think and we might be able to make your dreamy x-mas event a reality.

Given that, I want to take this moment and thank you all for your continuous support to the game. Words cannot even describe how much we appreciate it, and we hope to make you even more happy with our next patches.

I’m gonna repeat myself; but if you have any cool ideas or suggestions PLEASE get in touch with us. We’re here, and we’re listening.

Also, due to recent events in Paris, we want to make sure that our French friends are safe, so please if you had any complications due to the terrorist attacks, contact us immediately. Please be careful, and we hope that you and your families are doing well.

Have a great week.