Recently, the Dark and Light team posted an interview with… itself, which is a totally normal thing to do. It’s actually a pretty interesting read about the tack that the team is taking with its worldbuilding design, particularly in the first section of the game.

Players will begin their journey in Dark and Light in a 20-area region called The Sacred Path. Here they’ll enjoy protection and resources of one of three capital cities before venturing off to create their own houses and outposts. The devs said that there are plenty of places to explore and secrets to uncover, particularly those floating about in the sky. With about 70 to 100 people per server, the devs expect that everyone will have enough elbow room to explore and build without worrying about the crush of crowds.

“Our main design goals with Dark and Light and The Sacred Path in particular are to create a fantasy world that’s immersive and exciting, with plenty of space for players to just choose a direction to explore in, but with enough content and secrets for players to discover naturally,” the team said. “We didn’t want it to be a theme park where players just visit the same areas in the same order, and we also want to let all players on a server have their own space to create and build in without feeling crowded.”