Crowfall The Awakening (Update 5.115)

The Awakening (Update 5.115) 

We’re calling this version The Awakening (Update 5.115) because it introduces the first chapter of our new player experience. The story begins with the player being brought back to life by the gods as an immortal “Crow”, a champion and harbinger of the end of the world, and weaves through a series of quests designed to teach the player how our game works… we have a massive number of interconnected systems now (character advancement, harvesting, crafting, experimentation, talent trees, attributes, passive training, sacrifice, caravans, city building, divine favor…) but without some way to organically introduce these to the player, the game can be overwhelming. Let me go on the record, though, saying that this is not a quest-driven game and the purpose of this is just to show you the ropes. By the time chapters 2 and 3 are done, we’ll (hopefully) have enough to ensure players understand how the game works.

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