This week we are visiting the Knight to examine what some of his powers look like in action! As usual, the standard caveats apply: We are still building this system, so things are liable to change. In fact, they are almost guaranteed to change!

While we did show our first version of the knight in action in the Kickstarter video, we have done extensive work on him since those days. This is the first time we are showing him with the union of powers, animations and FX! We aren’t going to show the entire Knight kit at this point, but this preview will show you where we have gone with him and what you will be playing in the first combat milestone. (If you are in that test phase, please read what the powers do ahead of time so you ensure not to draw ire from your team!)

Here’s a brief review of the powers that we are showing in today’s video.

Mechanically, the Knight uses mana to fuel any power in the 1-0 position. His left click primary attack not only deals damage, it also restores his mana in large chunks… the further into the combo chain, the more mana is restored. The third power in this chain also applies a short duration movement snare to the target. Periodically, the Knight will have to return to the primary attacks to regain his mana and/or keep his target snared.

(Protip: If the Knight sprints via his Shift key and then uses his left click primary attack, he executes a hidden combo–doesn’t use combo popup system–that executes the third primary attack (the one with the movement snare) instead of the first primary attack in the chain. This is a great method to chase and slow down a running target!)

We will be showing the Onslaught combo series today, which is five-powers-in-one button.

The initial power Onslaught is a low cost damage dealer which deals weapon type damage to one target over two hits.

If we follow the A-line combo series for this power, we have Shield Lunge. (We have started to name the combo sub powers as they solidify because 2a and 3a sounds lame!) This deals crushing damage to up to three targets in front of the Knight. Simple power, mainly a setup for the next power in the chain. The end power of the A-line is Bring the Pain which deals crushing damage to up to three targets in front of the Knight and knocks them to the ground via smashing them in the face with the shield.

If we follow the B-line combo series for this power, we have Spiral Slash, which deals weapon type damage to up three targets in front of the Knight over two hits of the weapon. The flow of this power with the Onslaught opener makes the Knight seem like a flurry of blades!

The end power in the B-line is Rend, which deals weapon type damage to up three targets in front of the Knight over two hits of the weapon and applies a bleed to all those damaged. An additional third weapon hit with an even larger bleed is performed on the target closest and under the Knight’s reticule.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Thomas Blair
Design Lead


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