Crowfall Heraldry Overview (Symbols/Patterns/etc.)

For all of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, but want to be prepared, so they can create their guild crest as fast as possible, once they get access, here is a little overview regarding the different styles and customization options.
(Be aware that you DON’T have to make your crest immediately during guild creation. The option to create your crest will only appear in your guild menu, after your guild has been created – you only need a short name and a long name to do so.)
So, let’s start.
The Crowfall Heraldry currently includes 264 basic emblems. It’s a bit laborious to scroll through all of them in their tiny rows, so here is the full list in one picture.
For your convinience i also added row and column numbers, so you can easily doublecheck with your guildies which symbols they like most (So, you like the one with the blade? Great. And WHICH ONE of the 38 emblems with a blade?!!).
(click to enlarge)
If you have access to the “Guild Crest Extended Symbols” you can also use one of the currently available 15 extended emblems. There will be more later and you will be able to choose a new emblem, once they are online –  if you own this backer reward.
Next to the emblems you can choose between 30 basic and 36 extended shield patterns. Here are they:
All emblems can be modified in several ways. You can resize them (XL, L, M, S), mirror them and rotate them in 45° steps.
You can also choose 1 color for your emblem and 2 colors for your shield pattern. Each in either one of the 12 basic colors or one of the 26 extended colors (including 9 metalic colors), if you own the “Guild Crest Extended Colors” backer reward. Looks like this:
If i did my math right, that makes roughly about 65 billion different possible crests.
So, hurry up to get yours … before it is taken. ;)
Have fun, good luck

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