While working on the core guts of an MMORPG might not be as sexy to players as, say, visible features and classes, the effort is definitely needed in order to provide the best game experience. This has been ArtCraft’s focus on Crowfall over the summer, and the team said that it is getting ready to perform a major test on the game’s foundation.

“We decided it was time to make the jump from ‘instanced matches’ to our real architecture: the actual foundation for Crowfall,” ArtCraft reported. “It may sound trivial, but this was a huge undertaking… and we are almost through it! Our next round of testing, which will begin at the end of this month, will cover these foundational systems. Internally, we’ve been calling this our ‘Big World’ milestone, for reasons that are probably obvious.”

Some of these foundations include character persistence, longer duration tests, a larger world, a chat system overhaul, and seamless movement through parcels. If you do like the sexy features, the team is throwing a few of those in as well, such as the Duelist class, resource harvesting, better animations, and personal crafting.

The team said that when the foundation test is complete, it will be able to talk about more exciting upcoming milestones for Crowfall.

Source: Crowfall