Interview with Developers

Interview in English usa.thumb.png.f3717a58596212c4e8e0fde99a


1. Are you planning to host Alpha-/Beta Tests in different time frames so Europeans might test as well as NA?

JTC Alpha is a little different than beta. For beta, absolutely. We will have a dedicated server for Europe. Alpha, we’ll certainly try, but we haven’t set a particular schedule yet for our testing windows.

2. Will we be able to customize building/structures in our EK in terms of floor plans as well as decoration?

JTC Yes. Stronghold parcels have designated “buildable areas” in which buildings can be placed. Anyone who has been given administrative rights can place buildings within those designated areas. Exterior decorations (statues, etc.) work the same as buildings. We don’t have a plan in place yet for furniture, but we are designing the system to support it and hope to add it later.

3. Would you be so kind and explain us whether the adjustments by placing resource parcels are working as a multiplayer to increase or lower tax rates?

JTC Yes, tax rates are calculated based on the resource parcels in adjacent cells — so if I place a tax free parcel, my neighbor may very well the benefit of it, as well.  This was done on purposes, as it is another reason for players to work together (or potentially disagree, I suppose!).

4. Old posts in the official forum – will you archive and make them inaccessible or are you letting it live as it is part of the story we are going through with Crowfall?

JTC I don’t think we have a plan for this yet.

5. When can we expect a more detailed information about the origin of backers?

JTC Kickstarter only sends country information on packages with shipping included, but they did give us our percentages outside of North America as follows:

Kickstarter Stats

  • 31.8% backers are not from the US or CA
  • 30.4% $ pledged from those backers

Our Website Stats

  • 30% $ pledged not from the USA or CA

These percentages are really close to our web traffic stats. We also determined of the higher level backers on Kickstarter, 8% of them were from Asia. That’s what we have to share stat-wise.

6. Will you have ACE customer support for foreign languages or do you plan on outsourcing them?

JTC We will have localized customer support at launch, and it’s likely to be outsourced or done by a regional distribution partner. (This totally depends on the territory and how we’re handling it, which has not yet been determined.)

7. As a crowd-funded project, how much community involvement into development decisions are you willing to take?

JTC We listen to all ideas, and we aren’t afraid to throw out old ideas when a better one presents itself (as long as we can afford to make those changes!)

BUT, that said, we have a vision for what we want this game to be, and that vision is not going to change.

8. How wide ranged will your set of emotes be in the game? (talking about /dance and stuff)

JTC We haven’t spent any time on the design for this system yet. We’ll see what we can afford from an animation standpoint, but it’s definitely secondary to core systems (combat, stealth, etc.)

9. We are pretty sure you have plans on implementing Banners and Emblems for Guilds maybe even EKs – Can you tell us something about it?

JTC Yes.  Players can create guilds in the game, and use a “crest creator” to generate a guild crest by combining symbols (from a library) with background and foreground colors.

We also offer a guild package in our store, which will allow guilds to select from an expanded set of symbols and colors.

Lastly, we have a “premium guild bundle”, which guilds can use to create custom guild crests, with unique symbols of their choosing (subject to ACE approval, of course.)

10. Will Crowfall have an Achievement-System and if so, character or account based?

JTC We don’t have a traditional quest system (kill 5/5 skeletons) but we may include a badges/achievements system.  That said, it’s not core to the experience, so it will be lower on our development priority list compared to things like Campaign Rules, combat, crafting, seasons and siege mechanics.