MMORPG players are no strangers to anthropomorphic races, particularly of the cat, lizard, and rat varieties. Leave it to Crowfall to explore some of the more interesting species as potential races, such as its newly announced Elken.

Can’t say that you’ve seen a lot of deer races in MMOs before (Endless Forest aside), eh? The new race can play as a Ranger, Knight, Confessor, or Templar. Elken are on the tougher scale of races, with higher strength and constitution, and they enjoy increased range and a “bloodline passive” that increases out-of-combat speed by 25%. Bloodline passives are brand-new to the game and will be rolled out to all of the current and future races.

“Now that we’ve split our archetypes into races and classes, we’re taking the opportunity to make our races unique and interesting,” the studio said. “Elken is the first one we are revealing, and provides a nice taste of things to come.”

Source: Crowfall