Conan Exiles Next Patch Focuses on Crafting and Customization

Greetings, Exiles of the Testlive lands!

We are releasing our first major update since the release of Isle of Siptah, focusing on bringing a major overhaul to many of the economy and crafting systems of the game, as well as bringing an oft-requested feature: Character re-customization!

With update 2.1 we are bringing a massive overhaul to the crafting systems to the game. Previously, “crafting power” was heavily reliant on having specific Tier 4 Crafting Thralls, which would not only make it frustrating in case you didn’t find the specific thrall you needed, but also made other, lesser artisans less relevant. With the Economy Update, we’re aiming to shift most of that power into the workbenches themselves, giving more prowess and choice to you during crafting by making those bonuses be available from the workbenches themselves without the requirement of a specific thrall.


smelters3840×2160 7.8 MB


With that in mind, we also took a look at the crafting progression in game, which up until now was too linear, with very general choices that lead to an uninteresting advancement through the tech tree and some recipe bloat in some stations. To that effect, we are adding new specialized crafting stations with an end-game split in their focus giving them more vertical upgrades in terms of crafting power, but also horizontal progression at the end-game where you can choose what stations to use based on the specific bonuses they give.

That doesn’t mean that crafting thralls will have no use in the game anymore! First of all, they will now provide multipliers to item stats they craft based on their tier. This will be the way to have improved gear since we’re doing away with exceptional and flawless item qualities, instead relying on these artisan bonuses. Not only that, but we’re also implementing a new Tier 4 Crafting thrall specialization system, where some T4 artisans will have a specific specialization that will improve certain stats when crafting.

We have also set sights on revamping the fishing system of the game and the recipes that depended on it. We are removing the passive fish generation of fish and shellfish traps and we’re also changing the recipe of stone consolidant, which will now require resin instead of ichor.

Vanity mirror1

Vanity mirror13840×2160 6.95 MB


This patch is not only focusing on crafting and economy. We are also adding to the game something you have been asking us to implement ever since our earliest days: you can now re-customize your character! Accessed through the new vanity mirror, you can now change your character’s hair-styles, facial and body features from the comfort of your base!

To top it all off, we are also bundling in a myriad of other fixes and improvements to the game, both for the Exiled lands and for the Isle of Siptah map. This includes a new Family Sharing server setting admins can use to limit the use of this feature on their servers. This change will also affect official servers once 2.1 goes live, please check our announcement for the specifics of this change.

We can’t wait to let you try all these incoming changes, which is why we’re releasing them here, on Testlive, so you can give them an early look and try them out by yourselves! Please share any feedback you might have or let us know of any issues present in this Work in Progress build so we can release it live the best it can be.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


Character re-customization!

Vanity mirror2

Vanity mirror23840×2160 5.25 MB


Have you wanted to change your character’s looks, hair or makeup? Now is your chance! Build the all new vanity mirror crafting bench and use it to change what before was permanent. The new vanity mirror is available to everyone, but those who own the new Isle of Siptah expansion are getting some brand-new options for hair and faces!

Crafting overhaul!

armor benches

armor benches3840×2160 7.42 MB


We’re adding new specialized crafting benches make it much easier to organize a myriad of different recipes and give you many new and cool benches to build. There are also several new tiers of crafting benches, offering high level versions with updated looks!
Crafting benches are also becoming much more important with this update. Certain bonuses to crafting are now determined by the tier and type of the crafting bench you have, instead of being determined by the tier of thrall you have.

There are thousands of different recipes in Conan Exiles, and one of the main purposes of the update is to simplify crafting and reduce the number of recipes!

Crafting thrall specializations!


blacksmiths3840×2160 9.29 MB


So, what happens to your high tier crafting thralls now that there is no Exceptional or Flawless gear and the crafting stations grant improved benefits? Many of the thralls have gotten unique specializations which give bonuses to gear. For example, an Edgesmith grants weapons additional armor penetration, while the Bladesmith grants weapons a bonus to damage. In addition, some thralls also increase the attributes granted by the armor depending on their tier.

Even though high tier thralls lost some advantages, the items crafted by thralls with certain specializations will be more powerful now than before!


  • New character re-customization!
  • Crafting system overhaul!
  • New specialized crafting stations!
  • New crafting thrall specializations!
  • Recipe streamlining!
  • New family sharing server settings!
  • Bug fixes and QoL changes!
  • …and much more!

Currently Known Issues

  • Names of all NPCs on dedicated servers are missing and they are all [PERFORMER] type.
  • Some DLCs are not functional on this build (The Imperial East, The Savage Frontier, The Jewel of West, The Seekers of The Dawn).
  • This is a Work in Progress build. As such, some features might not be working as intended or missing. Please send us your feedback about any problems you might encounter while testing this build.


  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Added a new crash error screen that will inform if the crash is caused by a mod.
  • Fixed an issue where “Online play is restricted” prompts would show under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue where avatars could be summoned in unintended locations.
  • Improved network protection against attacks for private servers (thanks Shayed for the information provided!).


  • Added character re-customization feature! Craft the new vanity mirror and change your character appearance. Sorcery not involved!
  • Added new character customization options for owners of the Isle of Siptah DLC expansion: 9 new faces, 5 new hairstyles and 7 new facial options!
  • Major overhaul of the crafting systems and crafting progression.
  • Added new specialized crafting stations:
    • New Alchemy Bench: This crafting station takes over the production of finished alchemical products from the Fire-bowl Cauldron.
    • New Dyeing Vat: The dyeing vat has inherited all the dyes and war-paints from the Fire-bowl Cauldron.
    • New Tanner’s Table: This crafting station has received all of the silk, hide and leather manipulation recipes formerly present in the armorer’s bench.
    • New Tinker’s Table: This crafting station is where all the armor kits and weapon kits are now available from.
    • New Casting Bench: All recipes that required molds (i.e. jewelry, coins and glass flasks) are now available from this bench.
  • 30 new dyes added to the game (available through the new Dyeing Vat station).
  • New Tier 4 Crafting Thrall specializations: Some tier 4 crafting thrall types now have specializations. These specializations confer additional bonuses to specific item-stats. Note: T4 Crafting thralls prior to this patch might not have a specialization.
    • Blacksmith Specializations
      • Edgesmith (Penetration-focused Blacksmith)
      • Bladesmith (Damage-focused Blacksmith)
      • Tempersmith (Durability-focused Blacksmith)
    • Carpenter Specializations
      • Fletcher (Penetration-focused Blacksmith)
      • Bowmaker (Damage-focused Blacksmith)
      • Builder (Durability-focused Blacksmith)
    • Taskmaster Specializations
      • Driver (Concussion damage-focused Taskmaster)
      • Overseer (Durability-focused Taskmaster)
    • Priest Specializations
      • Confessor (Damage-focused Priest)
      • Seneschal (Durability-focused Priest)
      • Guardian (Armor-focused Priest)
    • Armorer Specializations
      • Shieldwright (Armor-focused Armorer)
      • Scoutwright (Weight-focused Armorer)
      • Temperwright (Durability-focused Armorer)
  • Added a new server setting to disable the use of family sharing in a server. Its current default is AllowFamilySharedAccount=True. However, this setting will be disabled on official servers.


  • Fixed a mismatching hitbox and collision detection for the Flotsam Rooftop Cap.
  • Fixed an issue in regards of Inverted Walls and Roofs not being able to be placed on top of any door frame.


  • Crafting bonuses from thralls have been moved into workbenches:
    • Weapon and armor smith thralls no longer provide bonuses to crafting speed, crafting cost reduction or fuel burn time. These bonuses are now provided by the workbenches.
    • Smelters, cooks, tanners and alchemists retain the crafting speed bonuses, but no longer provide cost reduction and fuel burn time benefits.
    • Taskmasters still provide conversion speed bonuses.
  • Crafting thralls now provide bonus stats to crafted items. The higher the Tier of the artisan, the better the benefits they provide.
  • Improved Tannery burned fuel faster than a regular Tannery. This is no longer the case.
  • The Fire-bowl Cauldron now works as a preparation station for base materials.
  • Armor padding recipes have now been streamlined (from 30 down to 6).
  • Melee Weapon Handle recipes have been streamlined into a single one.
  • Frost Giant’s Leggins and Gauntlets had their armor values and crafting materials swapped. This is now fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where Devolved Fiends and Devolved Serpentmen wouldn’t give XP upon death.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with The Bear Boss in The Circle of Ros-krana drops. It should now drop the correct type of head.
  • Damage on the Blunted Javelin has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arena Champion, The Watcher Above, the Captain Below and The Ritual Keeper bosses would provide, when slain, significantly less experience to followers than other similar bosses.
  • We went ahead and fixed an issue where Siptah creatures would not drop heads when slain. We understand this caused many headaches, and we believe this fix will head the game towards the right direction.


  • Fixed an issue where the main boss inside a vault would not spawn under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm enemies would attack braziers at Surge Altars.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC navigation inside the Harbor of the Drowned vault.


  • Exceptional and Flawless item qualities and recipes have been removed. Note: Existing armor and weapon pieces will still exist, but new ones will not be able to be crafted anymore.
  • Item quality can now be improved by crafting thralls. This also applies to bonus stats provided by armor and gear (from a base value of 5 to a max. of 10). Note: Old armor pieces retain their previous values.
  • Fish traps have been completely re-balanced. They now require bait in order to operate (they no longer generate fish passively). The better the bait, the more chances to get exotic or rare fish.
  • Ichor is no longer part of the Stone Consolidant recipe. You now need resin instead.
  • Resin can be harvested from trees with a Pick or Pick-Axe of Iron tier or above.
  • Bark now drops from all trees when harvested with a pick or pick-axe, regardless of tool quality.
  • Bark now has an increased drop-rate from trees when harvested with a pick or pick-axe.
  • Resin now drops from all trees regardless of location.
  • Corrected the amount of flesh provided after cooking a Turtle Hatchling as it was inconsistent with the amount obtained from harvesting it.
  • Liquid Press oil recipes have been changed.
    • 10 Unappetizing Fish now give 1 oil.
    • 5 Savory Fish now give 1 oil.
    • 1 Exotic Fish now gives 1 oil.
  • New Survival level 20 perk, “Waste Not”. This reduces the amount of water used per drink from waterskins, effectively doubling the lifespan of waterskins.
  • The “Hard Worker” perk is now a Survival level 30 perk.
  • The “Efficient Butchery” perk has been removed from the game.


  • Some types of fish were unobtainable. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where chest would not be able to be interacted with if under a small body of water.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under water under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing traps were not able to be placed on certain bodies of water.
  • Fixed an issue where Vertical Elevators would return to their default position if a player would leave their render distance. Hooray!
  • Fixed an issue where mods were not able to be downloaded again if manually removed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “Logged out characters remain in world” server setting not to work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Werehyena bosses mane would look flat.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to lose feat points if they had unlocked the Novice Rhino Saddle-maker feat upon relog or death.
  • Infused Aloe Extract, Stutter Wraps and Infused Wraps provide less healing than their lower quality counterparts. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where certain aloe extracts provide higher amounts of healing than their wraps counterparts, despite having lower level requirements.


  • Moved the Shroom Amanitas in the Refuge of the Goblinoids away from the Noxious gas zone.
  • Fixed ladders in the Bat Demon vault.
  • Fixed an issue where two recipe bottles were sunk under the mesh and impossible to interact with. This means you can now learn the Belly Dance and the Aquilonian Dance.
  • Fixed a number of visual imperfections on the Siptah map.


  • Updated the Shaggai Huntress poison spit attack visual effects.
  • Updated animations when using Bindings.
  • Updated sitting animations to fix a number of problems with the character’s neck getting groovy.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the character’s right arm to change positions when holding a torch.


  • Through painful exertion, our #spellchekker team gave it all to fix a number of minor typos in-between sessions of whipping, gruesome torture and marathon reruns of Christmas movies on Vanir Home System devices.
  • Added visual icons to identify T4 Crafting thrall specializations.
  • Fixed an issue in regards of missing food icons in followers’ diet screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Corruption Effect would not update accordingly in the Status tab.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the server browser to freeze when filtering by map.


  • Added voice and audio effects to Siptah turtles, but they still don’t eat pizza.


Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles – Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.

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