Conan Exiles‘ early access might be a little too popular for its own good. Funcom announced today that while there are now around 7700 servers — 7500 of which are privately run by players — PingPerfect, the company selected to host the servers, isn’t cutting it.

“Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming demand for servers and our needs for administrating them, our official partner has been unable to deliver the level of quality and service we require. Because of this we have mutually agreed to end the partnership. We are in the process of finding new partners with the ideal hardware we can move the existing game databases to. However, due to the high demand for Conan Exiles servers, many hosting companies are simply out of the hardware that we need and as such this process might take a few days.”

The studio also says it’s removed the 25% lifetime server hosting discount offer from the Barbarian edition of the game. PingPerfect says it will honor the discount for existing purchases, however.

Funcom just wrapped up an AMA on Reddit, where it’s noted the team is working on a control pass for combat, dodge issues, traps, bows, maps, server performance, gear tiers, world expansion, sorcery, necromancy, decay, chat, purging, drops, and more. Oh yeah, and what about those dongs? “We discussed nudity early on and decided that for the lore and setting, nudity was something we wanted to go with,” Funcom writes. “The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that.”

As to the future home of the servers, the studio says, “We will be copying the database across to the new servers once they are available, and your progress should be there.” It also notes demand for the game exceeded its expectations.

Source: Steam, Reddit. Cheers, David.