Check out part 1 of the updated development roadmap of Profane’s alpha. There is also a message from our CEO and information about the upcoming tests.

Hello community, this is Diego Beltran. Some of you know me as ‘Pimba’ on Profane’s Discord server. I hope everyone is doing fine on those chaotic pandemic days we’ve been having.

We present here an updated roadmap with estimated completion and integration of features from January until August. By the end of each month, we also show on the roadmap, estimated tests focused on things that need to be experimented with. Those will be carried out on specific days ahead of the period it’s placed on and, together with our beloved community, will be individually evaluated so feedback can be collected in a practical manner.

The way each test will work will vary in length, method and number of participants. When we get close to each test, we will give more details on how they will run and more information on the processes to select participants from Profane’s community.

It may seem to you, that the items you see on those first months of the roadmap are pretty basic and should have been ready before, so allow me to explain it:

Most of those items were reworked from the previous version and had to wait for the completion of the also reworked net-code architecture to be integrated. So the month you see an item on is the date it’s being integrated with the whole game, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s being worked from scratch on that given month (some of them are though).

If you’ve seen footage of Profane’s gameplay on Youtube or other media, know that you were seeing the pre-alpha version of the game with the old art-style and containing problems that were hard to fix by then. The way those features were made when the development was on the pre-production stage, were not fit to escalate or have their full functionalities working together with all other features and future updates. It was also hard to make any changes to them since they were made with pre-production processes in mind.

What we are now achieving in the following months are versions of those features that we will be able to iterate and change with ease and effectiveness, polishing them to perfection on each new test as new features get ready.

Our previous estimations on when we would be able to begin with tests were wrong, as you certainly have seen. There were some delays because of all those changes we had to go through last year with the pandemic, but also, creating the architecture and technology of an MMO as complex as Profane is meant to be, has proven to be a challenge where trial and error is a necessary process. We have to guarantee that it’s going to work on all possible scenarios and some of those were pretty challenging, so there were some delays.

We are on the path of creating an RPG MMO (as I like to call it) that can be worked upon and adapted to survive and evolve to the ever-changing gaming industry. There is no time to look back because our team’s focus is fully immersed in what’s ahead of us.

As usual, we will keep you posted with the development being made further on as we navigate towards the first tests.

See you next week.


r/profanemmo - Check out part 1 of the updated development roadmap of Profane’s alpha. There is also a message from our CEO and information about the upcoming tests.


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