Check Out Kingdoms In Chaos!

If this the game Unholy Wars refugees have been waiting for?

About This Game

Kingdoms In Chaos (Early Access) is a 3rd person open world sandbox cartoon mmorpg. A place where murderer and monster co-exist.. Huge open world where players can travel anywhere and wage war on other factions. Choose to be Human, Elven, Orc or the Undead.
Set in Fantasy Britannia, Scour and attack you enemies lands in search of key elements to make epic weapons and armor or just fight for blood!
Form a Guild and become Lord of a town and own the city keep! Choose the life of a noble knight or a cold blooded killer.
Adventure alone or with companions. Hunt, forge or quest. Turn your goods into gold at the local vendor or use them to craft items, weapons, and armor. Quest for treasure and legendary item’s worth tons of gold!
The all ages ultimate hardcore old school fantasy role playing experience!
This project is in Alpha stage and is a W.I.P
There will be bugs and unfinished content

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2 thoughts on “Check Out Kingdoms In Chaos!

  1. It took me a minute to realize what an Unholy Wars refugee would be. Darkfall (original) was my favorite game of all time. Then they closed it and released Darkfall Unholy Wars which only players from Darkfall played, and it was like a downgrade of the entire game… Bummer… I agree, games need to stop saying \”inspired by UO\” DF is the only one that made that statement that I liked

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