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Tree of Life persecutes thieves and stymies griefers

Since landing on Steam early access last week, Tree of Life has been patching frequently and furiously. The team is not only working on the underlying hardware but also adding several features to make players feel safe and secure in this sandbox. Now p…

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Ryzom gets a greenlight on Steam

There’s something to be said for having all your games snuggled together on one platform, and now Ryzom may be on its way to joining Steam. The community voted to greenlight the free-to-play sci-fantasy sandbox, which opens the door to adding it to Steam’s library. Currently Ryzom offers players the opportunity to delve deeply into a vibrant world filled with […]

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Survival sandbox Novus Inceptio is now on Greenlight

Post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy MMO Novus Inceptio is now on Steam Greenlight.  The indie title aims to diverge from current MMO norms and create an “integrated living world” featuring “hardcore suvival action, tactics, and strategy.” The Greenlight description mentions character aging and permadeath, attributes that increase with use and decrease with neglect, and effects such as illnesses, injuries, and exhaustion. All of […]

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