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Embers Adrift adds a new alpine zone, defends its decision to deploy quests without XP

Stormhaven said that the alpine region presents “an unrelenting challenge” to high-level characters: “This month we are bringing you a new level 45-50 leveling zone called the Grizzled Peaks. Similar to our rollout of Grimstone Canyon, this patch is delivering Phase I; Phase II will come at a later date. While Phase I is primarily a “standard” leveling zone there are a number of unique high level challenges and gear to acquire. It includes a new set of music tracks, some new creature tech, and a new creature.”

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Sandbox MMO Eco lets players establish towns, countries, and federations in December 12 update

Happy Friday!🥳

It’s almost time for us to reveal more about our plans for the launch ECO 10.

Have a great weekend Citizens, and stay tuned!#indiegames #eco10

— Eco (@StrangeLoopGame) November 24, 2023

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