Camelot Unchained’s weekend post may be on the briefer side after the mega newsletter earlier this week, but it bears good news from CSE’s Mark Jacobs:

“After a lot of hard work by the team, the first version of the new ability system is online this weekend for an IT test! It may not look like much now, but what our IT folks will be seeing this weekend is a big leap forward for our game’s tech. We are going to do a full livestream session when all the pieces are in place, but as of now we can easily create and use abilities via the new system. As part of our refactor, the ‘re-abilitation’ team has taken a system that had tens of thousands of lines, put it on a diet, refactored it and replaced it with a streamlined system that is around two thousand lines.”

You’ll recall that the game’s beta one phase was actually delayed specifically because the previous ability system was unable to properly handle the complicated skill and class design the team was throwing at it, which meant the team had to refactor the underlying ability code. And so here we are.

“Please remember that this is just the first stage of the new ability system,” Jacobs writes. “However, the fact that we can already do some things that we couldn’t do two months ago (see the ‘guard’ ability) is a very good sign. Oh, and making abilities in the new system is so much easier, that in the upcoming versions Ben [Pielstick] and I can do it ourselves through both an editor and scripting.”

The update also includes notes on the improved C.U.B.E. system and several tech videos, which we’ve included below.