Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs apologizes for Colossus reveal, promises roadmap and siege video tomorrow

“Folks, I know you are/were upset by what you saw last Friday and for that I accept full responsibility and apologize. On this Friday, February 7th, I’ll be doing another update where I will explain, in a lot of detail, everything that we have been and continue to work on for Camelot Unchained. I’ll be reviewing all the major improvements to Camelot Unchained and the technology that powers the game.

“However, those are only words and frankly, that’s not good enough. So, instead of more talking I’ll be showing our improved Cherry Keep siege. This will show just how far we have come with Camelot Unchained and how we have met our goal of being able to handle a large-scale siege (1.2K NPCs, 200+ trebuchets, magic mortars, spells, etc.) of a 9.5M block building from C.U.B.E. This was the #1 goal of Camelot Unchained’s Kickstarter campaign, a 500+ person siege that doesn’t run as a slideshow. This is the kind of siege we all dreamed of back in 2013 and here it is working today. Not tomorrow, not next year, and especially not soonish, but today.

“And after that, I’ll be sharing our immediate roadmap for Camelot Unchained for the next few months. And by Camelot Unchained, I mean Camelot Unchained. While there will be a few engine things (ongoing testing of Linux-based servers), the vast majority are for CU only, not Final Stand: Ragnarok. I know you’ll be pleased with what you see in the schedule.

“Once again, I most deeply apologize for the concern that the work on FS:R has caused so many of you. I hope that you will, at least, give me the chance to prove that Camelot Unchained has not only gotten all the attention we said it was getting, but all the attention it needs to launch as soon as possible. And I humbly ask you to give me the chance to prove that I have all of our best interests at heart. If you do, you will be rewarded by what you see from us in the coming months. And as president of City State Entertainment, I promise you that Camelot Unchained progress will continue and thanks to the work we’ve done to date, and the additional support we have received from our investors, it will speed up.

“But no matter what you choose to do, we thank you for your support and if you leave us, hope you return in the future.”
“In order to process your refund, please send us your first and last name, all transaction ID(s), address, phone number, and email address attached to the CSE account and your PayPal account used when you made the purchase. If they are separate emails, please send an email from each account for verification. All refunds are processed by PayPal, can take 90 days to process, and can carry fees (per our refund policy”

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