“Despite the East Coast winter plague, we’ve continued to make steady progress gluing together several of our core elements for Beta 1,” Camelot Unchained’s team reports in this week’s update newsletter.

Yes, it’s time for another “top tenish” list of what the devs are working on as they piece together this MMO for the long-awaited beta. One of the more fascinating notes is how Camelot Unchained’sanimations will function: “Andrew is working on getting independent animations playing on different body parts at the same time, allowing the system to figure out which animations to play based on what’s happening. This means we can have player swing a sword with one hand while using a shield to deflect in the other, without needing to significantly increase our animation scope.”

If you want the super-long version of this week’s progress, give the hour-long Twitch devstream a watch after the break.