Black Desert Online getting major PvP changes with Valencia becoming a War Zone

The Korean version of Black Desert Online recently teased the upcoming 2nd Valencia Update. Two new party dungeons being added named Akman Temple and Ruins of Histria. New changes to the PK system in Valencia introducing Bounty and Jail system!


The Valencia region has been turned into a War Zone with significantly reduced Karma penalties and the removal of death penalties aside from EXP loss on death. In addition to the new Karma rules, a new Jail and Bounty system has been added where players can hunt down and PK players that ventures in the dark side or go on a killing spree. Due note that these new changes is only applied to the Valencia region. This is a nice change for those wanting to get in on the PvP Action and doesn’t have an active guild to participate in large-scale sieges like in the video below.

With the new PK system applied to the Valencia region, two new towns will be added. The first town called Arehaja Village, a place where players with normal Karma can gather around and perhaps pick up daily quests for hunt down the players with bounties.

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The second town in the image below is Mui Kun, a place where bandits or ninja PK’ers are going to hang out. This is a really convenient place to relax when you’ve killed a lot of players! The village guards will aggro and attack players with normal Karma protecting the pirates and bandit players of the game.

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The next big change in Black Desert Online is the addition of two new open-world dungeons named Akman Temple and Ruins of Histria. It’s strongly advised to enter the dungeon with a party, perhaps this might be the first Party Content to be introduced in Black Desert Online? Oh wait, that’s what I said about the last empty dungeon added. I guess players will have to wait and see if there is anything worthwhile inside. I’d like to see some kind of boss that will require players to use the climbing, platforming, and parkour mechanics.

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I’m looking forward to the new changes and dungeon part of the game. I do believe the dungeons are open-world, since there are rumors saying that the game won’t have any instanced dungeons. I don’t mind the open-world thing, more stuff for guilds to compete for, though I’m no longer in a guild atm due to inactiveness. BDO is still a great game to play if you’re looking for a lot of guild war and sieges! Heck, the vast world alone is worth exploring and a must experience for any gamer. I may come back really soon depending on my December schedule.

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