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This isn’t just a patch; it’s a political upheaval.

EVE Online pushed out its Galatea release today and with it a major event that’s rocking the galaxy. It appears that the Amarr Empress has been assassinated by the Drifters, which means that players now can be drafted by would-be successors to fight on their behalf. By the time that EVE Fanfestrolls around next year, a new leader will be chosen for the Amarr Empire.

Galatea delivers several other welcome features for the game, including more tweaks to the Sovereignty system, camera improvements for ship killshots, and a revamp of the Gallente Dominix battleship.

Source: Patch notes

Mortal Online: Steam Development Update 4


Steam Development Update 4

Progress update

Hi community!
The steam release is getting really close!
During the last weeks we have done a lot of balance tweaking. Everything from mounts to movement speeds has been worked on.
Similar to the other Steam weeks, a lot of time has gone into polishing up the UI and making the general user experience smoother.
Some work has also gone into balancing the breeding grounds, something large parts of the community have talked about greatly since they were introduced.

Further more we have done a lot of video recording for the Steam release trailer that will be released when we go live on Steam.
This trailer is aimed at people who know nothing about the game and we try to give the viewer a general feeling of what our niche title is all about.
Thanks for all you input during these weeks, you have all been really helpful!

Achievement preview

Here are the last achievements, we might be adding more in the future but for now we have 49 achievements for you to hunt down.

Hold your breath for more than 150 seconds, then take drowning damage.

Finish the tutorial.

Gonna make you sweat
Visit Sarducaa.

Unlock more than 20 titles on a single character.

Magician, Sorcerer, Wizard and Warlock
Deal 1000, 10000, 50000, 100000 damage with magic, respectively.

Mender, Treater, Medicine Man and Healer
Heal 1000, 10000, 50000, 100000 HP with magic, respectively.

We would really like some feedback on these and would greatly appreciate ideas for more achievements.
Please leave your ideas in this thread.

Trading cards

There are still a couple of cards to show you, here at two more!

That’s it for this week!

Please leave your feedback and thoughts on the forums!