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Interview: Mortal Online 2 CEO on stress testing, persistent plans, and the MMO market

Very early on when MO1 hit the market, it was very hardcore, and there weren’t many other titles out there preparing people for a game like MO. However, today we see a lot of growing popular games in the survival genre, and those share quite a few core features with MO2. Seeing that full-loot games are much less taboo than they once were, players have already had an easier time understanding and adapting to MO2. There is simply a much larger audience interested in games like ours in today’s market. This tells us that the persistent will be huge, and we hope that there will be a good number of players supporting us and enjoying our game for many years to come. We are determined to follow our red line and deliver something truly unique in the sandbox MMORPG genre that you can’t find elsewhere. This is the same driving factor that pushed us to begin developing Mortal Online 15 years ago.

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Wurm Online previews its upcoming animal update with donkeys

Get the Shrek jokes out of your system.

But the animal update isn’t just about donkeys; it’s also adding new traits to the animals you breed as well as ensuring that high Animal Husbandry skill is useful rather than detrimental to your breeding efforts. There will also be more body type variants introduced for horses, to boot. Add in some updates to the game’s UI and there’s plenty of cause for players to look forward to the update, even if they don’t necessarily want to make a whole pile of donkeys run around their farms.

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