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Haven and Hearth prepares a new world reset with new map features, combat tweaks, and more

This new world will have some geographical changes such as the removal of enclosed oceans and all continents having individual IDs to make adding quests to the game easier. In addition, there’s been adjustments made to unarmed and melee combat that puts fighters at factor 2 on even footing, while earning skill in these disciplines longer to do. The world reset will also make several adjustments to LP and gains. The world reset is scheduled to occur on March 6th.

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Albion Online buffs castle and outpost point generation ahead of Season 12 PvP

Fight the other people.

Castles and outpost will give points every six and three hours, respectively, and the total point rewards have been increased for both kinds of structure. Players can also find more fame by killing elite enemies rather than simply bosses within world boss areas, as well as treasure chests spawning more often and more valuable castle chests. It’s a smaller patch, but it should alter the risk-reward balance ahead of the next season to make for a new challenge.

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Wurm Online tests a combat overhaul on PTS and discusses content update plans

In addition to the PTS build, the devs have put together a news bulletin talking about a variety of topics including plans for new content. Following the release of the combat overhaul, players can look forward to an improvement on animal keeping mechanics sometime in the spring and an exploration themed update in the summer, promising that exploration of Wurm’s world will become “significantly more interesting and rewarding.” Additionally, the game’s old UI client to be removed within the next month or two.

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Atlas: Q&A with the Devs – Ask a Pirate Day #7

From the Captain’s Quarters

We have heard your concerns regarding the new ship system and we would like to discuss our goals for it to help set expectations. We love the level of customization the original ship system provides and we will continue to support it for as long as possible. Currently, there are no plans to remove the original ship system.

Early Access gives us the unique opportunity to share new systems while they are still early in development. The modular ship system is one of these new systems, and it will be released in three main stages, the first of which has already begun. In the first stage, we used the new system to create pre-built ships, like the Ramming Galley and the Majestic Kraken. Our goal with this stage is to give players a sneak peek of the system while also providing a quicker option for obtaining new ships. While the ability to purchase pre-built ships isn’t going anywhere, it’s not the end goal for the new system.

The next stage of the modular ship system is coming soon and will introduce customization options to pre-built ships through module swapping. We will be introducing a system similar to ‘Sail Points’ called ‘Module Points.’ Each ship will have a pool of Module Points, and every module placed on the ship’s ribbing will cost a set number of points. Higher impact modules will cost more points. As a simple example, a Midship Gunport Module with two Gunports will cost more than a Midship Gunport Module with one Gunport. We will be rolling this system out piece by piece, starting with the ability to craft and swap Railing Modules.

As we expand the customization system, our goal is to introduce a variety of modules that provide meaningful choices when building ships. Players will need to decide which pieces are most valuable to their strategy and budget their points accordingly. We feel that the original ship system had little room for choice and expression because the meta was so defined. Our goal is to expand the meta to include a variety of different builds and strategies supported by the new system. Initially, we will be releasing tactically-focused modules, but eventually we will also release cosmetically-focused modules. These could include things like different Railing types or a Midship Module with windows. Cosmetic modules provide no advantage in combat but would allow players to make their ship their own. (Cosmetic modules won’t cost additional Module Points.)

The final stage of the system will allow players to build modular ships from the ground up.  After choosing a ship hull size, players will be able to plug in modules from a variety of available choices. (As long as they have enough Module Points!) Our goal is to eventually have enough modules that the new system will have the same level of customization as the original system. This final stage of development won’t be complete for a while, but we hope you’ll stick with us for this journey!

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