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Star Citizen fixes a currency bug, confirms that alpha 3.15 will feature a full progression wipe

“Players have been accumulating wealth in the persistent universe with no economic sinks to balance it. While selling and other sinks are being developed, it’s extremely helpful for designers to have additional data on how players acquire and spend money,” reasons the post. “Putting players at a level playing field would provide this data, and this will be exceedingly important as Death of a Spaceman, Full Persistence, Server Meshing and other key pillar technologies come online.”

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Prosperous Universe talks about its recent patch and mobile launch as it gets a spotlight on Reddit

Prosperous Universe has been busy recently according to the game’s most recent development log. Discussion among the devs focuses primarily on two topics: work on the game’s recent patch, which has brought features like base exploration, market filters, and base demolition; and a whole lot of UI work for the game’s mobile version, which apparently has been done since July but requires a lot of tuning up. Players can expect the mobile version to release sometime before the end of October.

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Ultima Online has begun testing new dynamic events and prepping Halloween

All right. We have figured this out now.

“The 2021 Treasures of Halloween event is available for preliminary testing on TC1. Please use the moongate at the Britain Commons to visit Dungeon Hythloth. Rewards are intended for final release and additional lore pages will be available when the event goes live in October 2021.”

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