Gotta catch ’em all… unless we’re talking about Pokémon mods for ARK: Survival Evolved, in which case there might only be one in the end.

So yes, a player team created a mod called Pokemon Evolved that replaced ARK’s dinos for Pokémon, which weirdly fits ARK’s tame, ride, and fight format. The only problem is that there was already a Pokemon mod out there called ARKMon, which apparently did not take kindly to the competition. Someone associated with ARKMon (a fan or one of the modders) hit Pokemon Evolved with a DCMA claim, which the latter protested.

The issue might already be resolved, as the DCMA notice was lifted from Pokemon Evolved’s Steam Workshop page after five days, and the team is claiming victory. If nothing else, this spat brought two interesting mods to the spotlight, giving players a choice for their survival Squirtles and prehistoric Pikachus.