How do you sell 2 million copies before you officially launch your game? Be a studio with a survival MMO on Steam. And, you know, not abandon your game. That part is not as easy as it sounds.

Studio Wildcard issued a press release today to celebrate ARK: Survival Evolved’s 2 million copies sold since its early-access launch last June, emphasizing its weekly dino additions, new biomes, and new competitive gameplay elements. ARK is slated to officially release on Steam and console — Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (“with Project Morpheus support”) — next summer.

In a Reddit AMA this morning, Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director Jesse Rapczak answered player questions, explaining that the dinosaur AI update is still on the priority list, that DX12 support isn’t coming in the near future, that a physical art book is likely, and that the devs do sleep sometimes.

Source: ARK press release, Reddit

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