ArcheAge: Many will be left homeless?

ArcheAge Server Evolution FAQ

Hello all!

This FAQ will be updated over time as we finalize details for the upcoming Evolution.

The information offered here is NOT final, and due to the complexity of the process, is subject to change. It is also intentionally vague when we don’t have solid answers yet. It’s better to say we don’t know because we have not fully investigated and verified matters rather than to provide incorrect information.

Please continue to post questions and constructive discussion to this thread – we’re all in this together!

Please bear with us; we’ll fill in the blanks and expand this FAQ enormously as we explore and test the internal processes requires, and address the specific concerns that you bring up.

~ The ArcheAge Team

Why do we need an Evolution? I am happy with the way things are!
– In the course of a game’s life cycle, it is normal to see two things happen: lower level zones used by low to mid-level players are underpopulated, and players move on to new games.
In ArcheAge, we are now seeing an increase over time in our player base, but many players, old and new, have requested a way to bring together more players on each server.
Due to the unique nature of ArcheAge, particularly with regard to land ownership, we will not undertake the old style standard server merges – instead, we are embarking on an Evolution, which gives players more choices.

When will the Evolution take place?
– Toward the end of this year. We don’t have a date yet, and there are a LOT of technical details to work out. It also gives you all lots of time to think of additional concerns or questions for us to address.

What exactly will happen during the Evolution?
– We are still looking at a number of options before solidifying the process. The basic plan is as follows: new servers will be created, and players from current low population servers will be moved to these shiny new servers. Yes, that means… LAND RUSH! All other details are under evaluation.

What servers will be affected?
– All current servers MAY be involved in the Evolution in one way or another. At this time, we are primarily focused on the needs of the lowest population servers. Some of the high population servers may be affected if we allow transfers to and from them. We feel it’s important to let our invested high pop players know they will not be forcibly moved off their servers.

As of June 1, our tentative plan is as follows…
Candidates for Evolution due to low populations:
Enla, Ezi, Calleil, Inoch, Lucius
Not currently considered candidates for Evolution:
Aranzeb, Kyrios, Ollo, Naima, Salphira
To be determined (population will be reviewed as we get closer to the Evolution date):

I am part of a large guild – how can we make sure we all end up on the same server?
– We know how important it is for guilds to stay together, so this is a top priority in our planning.

What sort of time window will we have for the Evolution?
– We will announce the date as far as possible in advance, as well as the window for active Evolution.

What if a player misses the Evolution window or comes back after years away from the game?
– Most likely, players who are on a low population server and inactive at the time of the Evolution will be relocated automatically.

What happens to the land I own at the time of the Evolution?
– Players and their items will be packaged to move. We will offer more details on the specifics as we get closer to the date.

What happens to my items, honor, etc. with the Evolution?
– Our goal is to ensure that all personal, inventory and bank items will transfer, including currency (such as coins and honor). This will be a very complex database challenge.
In-game mail will likely not transfer, nor will listed auctions. This makes it important for us to give as much advance notice as possible when we set a date for the Evolution.
Items in chests are a special challenge, and will need to have them packed up, one way or another. Based on our personal play experience, we know that most of us are pack rats; we have concerns about those of us with so many items that we can’t possibly fit them in warehouse/inventory. We need to find a reasonable way to address that situation. Us pack rats hate having to drop goods!

Will I still have my ultra-cool name after the Evolution?
– You will transfer with your name. In the case of a name conflict on your new server, we may need to manually rename one of the characters. We need to review precisely how this process will work. We know this is an important consideration, and will clarify as soon as we can!

Can I decide which server I prefer to be on?
– We want to offer choices, but we need technical confirmation that we can support affected players in their choice of servers on their region. We’ll update as soon as we have confirmation.

What happens if I change my mind and want to be on a different server than the one I chose at Evolution?
-Transfers post-Evolution may be offered through a web-based service; it’s on our list to investigate!

How long do you expect the update to take?
– This is a major update and may take up to 24 hours.

Do Patrons get any special items or considerations in the Evolution, such as early access?
– We have not discussed this yet, but we will let you know!