One raiding guild in ArcheAge is feeling the heavy hand of studio justice this weekend, as Trion Worlds has levied the boom against over 50 players who utilized an exploit in order to take down a previously undefeated world boss.

Trion said that it responded to multiple reports that the guild Rage Quit used an exploit to kill Leviathan on a North American server and investigated the case carefully. The situation was compounded by the guild keeping the loot, not reporting the issue, and even trying to leverage more goods from the studio in exchange for explaining how the exploit was done.

Instead of capitulating to the demand, Trion instead permanently banned the 53 players involved in the exploit, removed the loot from the game, and disbanded the guild.

“If Rage Quit contacted us to let us know what happened and attempted to avoid profiting from this kill, all of us would be having a very different conversation,” Trion Worlds explained. “Instead, the guild took the kill, failed to report the issue, and one member attempted to further profit at the expense of the greater community. In light of all of this information, we are standing by our policy and issuing permanent bans.”

Trion said that it notified XLGAMES of the exploit and that it considers Leviathan undefeated to date.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Tooney and Ernost for the tip!