Albion’s mid-season patch includes three new Outland regions as devs focus on performance

In a big outer land, land stays with you, and also your guild.

“I promised to keep you informed regarding server performance in preparation for the next reset day. We’ve been hard at work and finally I have some really good news to report: We’ve been able to find the cause for the abominable combat performance in large fights and have already rolled out a temporary workaround last friday which massively improved the situation over the weekend! While we’re not happy with this workaround as a long term solution (see below), we’re confident that fights are already be significantly better and you should be able to fight more smoothly than ever before. Happy zerging!”

ICYMI: Read all the details of the upcoming Oberon Midseason Patch here (changes are WIP until the patch goes live):

— Albion Online (@albiononline) May 5, 2019

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