It’s the last big update for Albion Online’s beta test, it’s named Hector, and it’s here today. You can even check out a whole trailer explaining the update just below. Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to news about Hector over the past few weeks, you probably already have a halfway decent idea of what it contains. Players can sell equipment to the Black Market to serve as worldwide drops, experience major revisions to the game’s Hellgates, and explore a largely redone and refurbished set of Outlands.

The update also brings new mounts, UI improvements, and various other improvements to ensure that Albion Online is ready for launch when the testing period ends in July. Check out the video just below for a high-speed tour of all the changes brought along with Hector, and feel free to explore the world before the last rounds of bugfixing and launch preparations are done. It’s almost time.

Source: YouTube