Albion Online tweaks several weapon skills and reduces zone skip waiting time

• Axes: Bloody Reap reworked into AoE execution tool; Rending Rage and Adrenaline Boost buffed
• Daggers: Deadly Swipe now consumes more energy when used purely for mobility, but is more energy efficient in fights
• Fire Staffs: New Q-ability, Searing Flame, added: shots deal moderate damage, fourth successful shot becomes Furious Flame for greater damage
• Swords: Mobility increase returned to Heroic Charge, various E-ability cooldowns reduced, Hamstring reworked, new Crescent Slash ability for Clarent Blade
• Armors: Energy Drain (Royal Armor) no longer steals enemy energy, renamed Energy Source
• Shoes: Royal March improved, effective uptime of Battle Frenzy and Premonition increased.

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