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The Repopulation to release Q4 of 2015

Star Citizen’s April report contains some interesting persistent universe nuggets

Star Citizen fans, I hope you have a cup of coffee or some other caffeinated beverage, because it’s time for the space sim sandbox’s April monthly report. As per usual, Cloud Imperium studios from around the world have checked in to report on their progress over the past 30 days, and it makes for an interesting, if lengthy, read. CIG [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/05/02/star-citizens-april-report-contains-some-interesting-persistent-universe-nuggets/

EVE’s Mosaic update is now live

CCP has successfully upgraded EVE Online with today’s Mosaic patch. The new Opportunities tutorial system is now available for all newbs, and the patch also introduces cruiser-sized burner missions, new structure assembly effects, a Tech 3 destroyer rebalance, a balance pass on low- and nullsec ores, and more. You can read the full patch notes here, or peruse the new Updates site for the highlights! [Source: Announcement post]

Daybreak launches new site, triggers week of celebratory events

Daybreak Game Company now has a new home and logo to make its transition from Sony Online Entertainment complete. “We are so proud of our new company branding as it truly reflects who we are as an organization and captures our vision of approaching each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward,” said Daybreak President John Smedley on [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/27/daybreak-launches-new-site-triggers-week-of-celebratory-events/

CCP would like you to buy some EVE ship SKINS in its cash shop

CCP is ramping up the focus on its cash shop thanks to a new dev blog examining EVE Online’s ship SKIN system. Ship skins are purchased in CCP’s item mall and may be bought or sold for ISK on the in-game market prior to activation. SKINs are used by activating them on a character, which then grants that character permanent access [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/21/ccp-would-like-you-to-buy-some-eve-ship-skins-in-its-cash-shop/

EVE Evolved: How many subscriptions does EVE have?

Two weeks ago, a mathemagician over at The Nosy Gamer published some interesting calculations showing that EVE Online‘s subscriptions may have dropped by around 18% in the past two years. CCP has always prided itself on the fact that EVE has grown year-on-year since release, but the last official number we heard was when it reached 500,000 subscriptions back in [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/19/eve-evolved-how-many-subscriptions-does-eve-have/

Raph Koster explains Star Wars Galaxies’ TEF PvP system

A long time ago on a website far, far away, we were having a discussion about modern MMOs and their inability to make sandboxes more than thinly disguised FFA gankfests. I suggested that devs riff on Star Wars Galaxies and its early TEF (temporary enemy flagging) system as a way to incorporate optional FFA PvP into a PvE sandbox. As it turns out, the system was incredibly complex [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/15/raph-koster-explains-swgs-tef-pvp-systems/

CCP recaps EVE Fanfest security presentation

CCP has published a quick post calling attention to its security and anti-cheat policies in EVE Online. The update is basically a recap of the 52-minute Team Security presentation at this month’s fanfest. Highlights include CCP’s strict stance on botting and ISK buying, both of which carry temporary bans for first-time offenders and permanent bans for second offenses. The firm [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/13/ccp-recaps-eve-fanfest-security-presentation/

Elite’s producer talks mission revamp, Steam sales

Elite: Dangerous producer Michael Brookes posted a new update letter on the game’s forums today. He thanks the community for making E:D the “number one bestseller” on Steam and also mentions that Frontier is looking into the possibility of allowing previous purchasers to access the title via Valve’s platform without paying for it again. “Turning EliteDangerous.com customers into Steam customers unfortunately [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/09/elites-producer-talks-mission-revamp-steam-sales/

EVE Online fan calculates at least an 18% drop in subscriptions in the past two years

There used to be a time when CCP would eagerly release every new subscriber milestone that EVE Online hit, but that era has passed. For a while now, the studio has not publicly mentioned sub numbers, leaving the fanbase to wonder if the game’s population is declining. EVE player and blogger The Nosy Gamer engaged in a whirlwind of math [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/07/eve-online-fan-calculates-at-least-an-18-drop-in-subscriptions-in-the-past-two-years/

EVE Evolved: Four lessons sandbox MMOs can learn from EVE

lessonsThe past few years have seen a resurgence of support for sandbox MMOs, both of the trying-to-be-minecraft creative kind and the hardcore nuke-it-from orbit PvP variety. We’ve partly got games like DayZ to thank for the latter, and with recently released survival MMO H1Z1 netting over a million sales while still in Early Access, that’s a trend that is sure [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/05/eve-evolved-four-lessons-sandbox-mmos-can-learn-from-eve/

Star Citizen saw a lot of progress in March

Star CitizenStar Citizen’s latest monthly report was published this weekend. It covers most of the progress made in March, 2015, which was substantial according to the preamble. In between convention appearances, Cloud Imperium released version 1.1 to backers, it “made significant updates to the server side of Star Citizen thanks to thousands of new players joining us,” and it “made amazing [...]   http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/05/star-citizen-saw-a-lot-of-progress-in-march/

Star Citizen’s SXSW trailer features the social module

Star CitizenDid you miss last weekend’s SXSW Star Citizen presentation? If so, you also missed a first look at the title’s social module, which debuted inside of a five-minute trailer. The clip “showcases many of the experiences that will be available in Star Citizen’s persistent universe,” according to the Roberts Space Industries website. It also contains quite a lot of internet [...]

The Repopulation’s silver early access package is now 15 bucks

If you’ve been curious about upcoming sci-fi sandbox The Repopulation’s ongoing early access alpha, there’s never been a cheaper time to buy in, literally, as Steam is offering the game’s silver package this week for $14.99. The silver package includes early access, silver membership, a Repop token and name reservation; the gold package, on sale for $29.99, comes with gold membership and a one-day head start when the game formally launches. Last Friday, Above and Beyond patched up The Repopulation with a massive combat overhaul to stats, buffs, skills, and even animations. [Source: Steam] ]

MMO Burnout: Engineers in spaaace

I missed the whole Minecraft craze. I was stupidly grinding my virtual life away in various MMORPGs, plus I couldn't get past Minecraft's so-fugly-it's-hip aesthetic. No matter, though, because Space Engineers takes Minecraft's core concepts and dolls them up with pleasing visuals, a nifty near future sci-fi setting, and addictive gameplay that's much more than the sum of its parts.

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