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CCP would like you to buy some EVE ship SKINS in its cash shop

CCP is ramping up the focus on its cash shop thanks to a new dev blog examining EVE Online’s ship SKIN system. Ship skins are purchased in CCP’s item mall and may be bought or sold for ISK on the in-game market prior to activation. SKINs are used by activating them on a character, which then grants that character permanent access [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/21/ccp-would-like-you-to-buy-some-eve-ship-skins-in-its-cash-shop/

EVE Evolved: How many subscriptions does EVE have?

Two weeks ago, a mathemagician over at The Nosy Gamer published some interesting calculations showing that EVE Online‘s subscriptions may have dropped by around 18% in the past two years. CCP has always prided itself on the fact that EVE has grown year-on-year since release, but the last official number we heard was when it reached 500,000 subscriptions back in [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/19/eve-evolved-how-many-subscriptions-does-eve-have/

Raph Koster explains Star Wars Galaxies’ TEF PvP system

A long time ago on a website far, far away, we were having a discussion about modern MMOs and their inability to make sandboxes more than thinly disguised FFA gankfests. I suggested that devs riff on Star Wars Galaxies and its early TEF (temporary enemy flagging) system as a way to incorporate optional FFA PvP into a PvE sandbox. As it turns out, the system was incredibly complex [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/15/raph-koster-explains-swgs-tef-pvp-systems/

CCP recaps EVE Fanfest security presentation

CCP has published a quick post calling attention to its security and anti-cheat policies in EVE Online. The update is basically a recap of the 52-minute Team Security presentation at this month’s fanfest. Highlights include CCP’s strict stance on botting and ISK buying, both of which carry temporary bans for first-time offenders and permanent bans for second offenses. The firm [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/13/ccp-recaps-eve-fanfest-security-presentation/

Elite’s producer talks mission revamp, Steam sales

Elite: Dangerous producer Michael Brookes posted a new update letter on the game’s forums today. He thanks the community for making E:D the “number one bestseller” on Steam and also mentions that Frontier is looking into the possibility of allowing previous purchasers to access the title via Valve’s platform without paying for it again. “Turning EliteDangerous.com customers into Steam customers unfortunately [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/09/elites-producer-talks-mission-revamp-steam-sales/

EVE Online fan calculates at least an 18% drop in subscriptions in the past two years

There used to be a time when CCP would eagerly release every new subscriber milestone that EVE Online hit, but that era has passed. For a while now, the studio has not publicly mentioned sub numbers, leaving the fanbase to wonder if the game’s population is declining. EVE player and blogger The Nosy Gamer engaged in a whirlwind of math [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/07/eve-online-fan-calculates-at-least-an-18-drop-in-subscriptions-in-the-past-two-years/

EVE Evolved: Four lessons sandbox MMOs can learn from EVE

lessonsThe past few years have seen a resurgence of support for sandbox MMOs, both of the trying-to-be-minecraft creative kind and the hardcore nuke-it-from orbit PvP variety. We’ve partly got games like DayZ to thank for the latter, and with recently released survival MMO H1Z1 netting over a million sales while still in Early Access, that’s a trend that is sure [...] http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/05/eve-evolved-four-lessons-sandbox-mmos-can-learn-from-eve/

Star Citizen saw a lot of progress in March

Star CitizenStar Citizen’s latest monthly report was published this weekend. It covers most of the progress made in March, 2015, which was substantial according to the preamble. In between convention appearances, Cloud Imperium released version 1.1 to backers, it “made significant updates to the server side of Star Citizen thanks to thousands of new players joining us,” and it “made amazing [...]   http://massivelyop.net/2015/04/05/star-citizen-saw-a-lot-of-progress-in-march/

Star Citizen’s SXSW trailer features the social module

Star CitizenDid you miss last weekend’s SXSW Star Citizen presentation? If so, you also missed a first look at the title’s social module, which debuted inside of a five-minute trailer. The clip “showcases many of the experiences that will be available in Star Citizen’s persistent universe,” according to the Roberts Space Industries website. It also contains quite a lot of internet [...]

The Repopulation’s silver early access package is now 15 bucks

If you’ve been curious about upcoming sci-fi sandbox The Repopulation’s ongoing early access alpha, there’s never been a cheaper time to buy in, literally, as Steam is offering the game’s silver package this week for $14.99. The silver package includes early access, silver membership, a Repop token and name reservation; the gold package, on sale for $29.99, comes with gold membership and a one-day head start when the game formally launches. Last Friday, Above and Beyond patched up The Repopulation with a massive combat overhaul to stats, buffs, skills, and even animations. [Source: Steam] ]

MMO Burnout: Engineers in spaaace

I missed the whole Minecraft craze. I was stupidly grinding my virtual life away in various MMORPGs, plus I couldn't get past Minecraft's so-fugly-it's-hip aesthetic. No matter, though, because Space Engineers takes Minecraft's core concepts and dolls them up with pleasing visuals, a nifty near future sci-fi setting, and addictive gameplay that's much more than the sum of its parts.

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PAX South 2015: Hangin’ with Frontier, playin’ Elite on the Oculus Rift

Elite: Dangerous
Readers of the Choose My Adventure column may remember that I spent the month of September smuggling beer, shooting NPCs, and dodging space rocks in Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous. Though the game was in early beta, I found lots to do and lots to love about the space simulator that isn't that other space simulator. Realistic physics, challenging flight controls, and beautiful design work made the game stand out to me as unique and promising (other Massively staffers seem to agree), and I've revisited it since and enjoyed it every time. Thus, I jumped at the chance to check Elite out again at PAX South 2015, this time with the experience enhanced by a rad HOTAS setup and the ever-so-popular Oculus Rift. Guided by producer Eddie Symons, I bluffed my way through a combat demo and discovered that when it comes to shooting things in space, being able to look and fly separately is a great thing indeed. Continue reading PAX South 2015: Hangin' with Frontier, playin' Elite on the Oculus Rift

MassivelyPAX South 2015: Hangin' with Frontier, playin' Elite on the Oculus Rift originally appeared on Massively on Fri, 23 Jan 2015 19:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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EVE Evolved: Rebuilding EVE’s corporation tools

EVE Evolved title image The MMO genre is defined by the online interactions of thousands of players, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the single-shard sandbox of EVE Online. While it's possible to play EVE solo, it's the players who make most of the game's meaningful content, and it's only in your emergent interactions with other players that I think the game truly comes to life. Some time ago, I wrote about the importance of CCP supporting EVE's power players, the corporation owners, fleet commanders, and event organisers who give the rest of us something fun to do. Now it looks like CCP is starting to deliver that support, with developers currently looking at updating EVE's archaic corp management tools.

CCP Punkturis recently asked corporation owners for a list of the most annoying "little things" they'd like to see fixed with the corporation management interface and was instead flooded with requests for big features and complete overhauls. Developers later confirmed on The o7 Show that at least one highly requested big feature is definitely on its way: CEOs will soon be able to switch off friendly-fire between corp members. The threat of corporate infiltrators attacking corp members has been a massive barrier preventing corps from recruiting new players, so its removal is good news for everyone (except spies). So now that corporation management is finally back on the drawing board, what other features do corp owners need?

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at a few ideas for corporation tools and features that would make EVE a better place for everyone.

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EVE Online patches in Proteus

Deep space never looked as good in EVE Online as it does today, now that the Proteus release has gone live. This monthly update has made visual improvements to the Gallente Exequror and the asteroid fields that players will encounter on a regular basis. Other Proteus features include a balance pass on recon ships, additional high-end exploration sites, improvements to the beta star map, new player mining locations, and a streamlining of some module groups. You can check out the Proteus features page or read up on the patch notes for more info. EVE's next update, Tiamat, is scheduled for February 12th.

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EVE Online video gives brief ‘recon’ of Proteus

eve Sometimes all it takes is a good preview video to ratchet up one's personal excitement and anticipation over an upcoming release. If you're an EVE Online fan, then you might get that rush from the following brief video in which the devs outline Proteus' main features.

One of the biggest features of Proteus is a full rebalance for recon ships, including making them more sturdy and completely immune to directional scanners. The update will also contain the module tier side project, beta starmap tweaks, permanent places for newbies to mine, and visual improvements to one of the ships and asteroid belts.

Check out the video after the break!

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