New ArcheAge Video!

The video is about the “Rainbow Fields”, the starting region of the Hariharan on the eastern continent (called Harihara).
This region has been in the game since CBT4. At this time the region felt a bit “empty” and “flat”. The video shows the progress of the region between CBT4 and CBT5. New buildings, landscape and improved weather effects are shown and described by the korean lady.

This is the first video of a series showing the changes made in the break between CBT4 and CBT5.

Thank you Bcofido for the translation.

If anyone can provide a better English translation feel free to leave a comment.

Many English speaking sandbox MMORPG players are eagerly awaiting a North American or European server, however as of right now ArcheAge is still in beta testing and only available in Korean for Korean players only.

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