Mortal Online: Henrik Claims Roughly 450,000 Subs Within 5 Years

Last night Henrik Nystrom the main developer of Mortal Online and CEO of StarVault came on Mortal Onlines official IRC and chatted for a while about the Awakening expansion and the future of Mortal Online. What he said in this IRC chat is shocking!

One user asks Henrik were Mortal Online will be in the next 5 years. Henrik replied “close to Eve population wise”. Currently Eve Online has roughly 450,000 subscriptions ( and maybe more since the new Eve expansion was just recently released. While no official subscription numbers for Mortal Online has been released we estimate Mortal stands at around 4000 subscriptions. While I predict StarVault will have many many more active subs in 5 years 450k subscriptions is more than all other fantasy sandbox MMO games combined.

While most of the conversation was just rehashing old news about Awakening and other features to be added in the future, Henrik did leak one other interesting tidbit of information “Drugs”. Specifically Henrik says “like I mentioned before, we are finally getting to the illegal stuff feature, with drugs and gear”. While I heard of drugs being a possible feature in Mortal Online mentioned before, I never heard it in association with the Awakening expansion. Does this mean we will see players smuggling contraband in and out of Tindrem? We won’t know for sure until Awakening launches.

Artist representation of what Mortal Online may look like on drugs.

To read the IRC conversation it it’s entirety check out the official Mortal Online forums here.

4 Responses to Mortal Online: Henrik Claims Roughly 450,000 Subs Within 5 Years

  1. henrik where do you see MO 5 years from now?
    ranger, close to Eve 😉
    population wise

  2. How do you estimate 4000 subs? Based on what? If they are lucky they have 1/2 that amount.

    Remember, these are the same guys that said they had to “limit” sales of the game to 10,000 people. They said that 3 years ago.

    • Did you not click on the link that comprises the word 4000 subscriptions? It pretty much sums up everything there.

  3. I did, but since that was universally disproven by fans and haters alike I wondered why you would link to it again. The best guess anyone has been able to make is based off of transaction numbers at that puts the total subs around 2k.