Mortal Online Awakening to Release in April!

According to official press release by starvault to shareholders the Awakening expansion is scheduled to be released some time in April. This is important because previously SV did not say give an estimated release date for the new Awakening expansion.

This press release also goes on to say that there will ANOTHER as of yet unnamed expansion planned for October of this year meaning that Mortal Online is on pace for two major expansions in one year.

StarVault is also planning on releasing a Chinese server sometime between July and September. Mortal Onlines full loot open pvp style gameplay is almost unheard of in China since Shadowbane closed and is sure to cause a stir.

Press Release

8 Responses to Mortal Online Awakening to Release in April!

  1. Seriously… another lame Mortal Online article?

    Are we really calling adding AI and a functioning UI to the game an expansion? Shit… by those standards most other games launch with 8 expansions worth of content.

  2. BTW.. your press release is for the sale of Starvault Stock at 2US cents per share to raise operating cash. There is absolutely nothing in the PR you linked related to an expansion.

  3. Seriously… another lame hater?

    Are we really hating on an article about a sandbox mmo on a sanbox mmo site? Shit… by those standards the human population are retards and i’m a genius.

    It’s not the admin’s fault that mortal online is the only sandbox mmo making news. And, he actually got sourced on massively for this article so go take your hate where someone gives a shit. To the admin, excellent work with this site. So few sandbox sites around these days. It’s a shame that haters hate every mortal online article, but if it’s making news then write an article on it and ignore the haters- they hate themselves.

  4. Thanks for the article, was really hoping to get some info on this, even if not totally concrete. I’ve been loving MO (along with a whole bunch of brand new and returning players; I have a guild full of them and we are not the only ones) and cant wait for the updates.


    Hear Hear William!

    The sandbox community often kill their own games with these kinds of attitudes. The haters need to take a good look at what they are doing.

  5. No.. bad games and companies like StarVault kill the genre.

    This is a company that STILL has not shipped functional and updated discs to ther customer that purchased the game. This game released almost 2 years ago.

    Nuff said.

  6. The people that bring up the disc thing are living in a bitter past and really missing something about these games. The disc is useless, even if they give it to you. The constant updates on mmo’s make any disc completely redundant. So, honestly using that as a reason to hate on the game is lame as.

    SV is a small company that I would imagine has to make a lot of decisions about priority due to their very rocky start. Even as a customer I think they would be stupid to ship useless discs that would cost far too much to press. Not a priority.

    They have prioritised things that do matter and that’s why the game is improving steadily with time and starting to gain momentum.

    • The discs are far from the ONLY reason. I could list 20 off the top of my head. The company has a looong history of lying.

      Sorry, but when you sell someone a disc, they pay extra for it, you better damn well deliver it or give them a refund. What the company did is inexcusable and folks that cover it up should be ashamed of themselves.