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Vote for your favorite sandbox MMO in 2011.


2011 Sandbox of the Year

  • Eve Online (44%, 827 Votes)
  • Mortal Online (22%, 418 Votes)
  • Darkfall (21%, 389 Votes)
  • Perpetuum (6%, 119 Votes)
  • Xsyon (3%, 51 Votes)
  • Star Wars Galaxies (2%, 32 Votes)
  • Wurm Online (1%, 22 Votes)
  • Other: Leave a comment (1%, 20 Votes)
  • A Tale in the Desert (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Ryzom (0%, 5 Votes)
  • EarthRise (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,893

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Voting expires at the end of the year.  Sandboxer will tally all the votes at the end of the year and publish the results.

96 Responses to Vote for Sandbox of the Year!

  1. Perpetuum not listed? This is a sandbox site? What a joke.

  2. No it’s a sockpuppet site.

    Made by an MO fan to hype MO.

    Yesterday at 8PM there were a total of 10 votes… all of a sudden it skyrocketted.

    Sure seems legit to me!!!

  3. No perpetuum or UO is crap.

  4. MO doesn’t have 100 players.. how can it have 100 votes?

    The only point of this is so that Henrik can tweet that he won game of the year from this failed site, and I can assure you that it will be tweated and/or on their website.

    Another failed attempt at viral marketing.

    Fail site is fail.

  5. how can swg even be on the list it is gone.

    • Really, you don’t know?
      This is a list of top sandbox mmo’s for 2011. While SWG is currently closed it was still a very active MMO throughout 2011. I have added Perpetuum.
      Pockets I don’t mind if you insult individual games, but don’t insult the community.

  6. Username509, r u 4 real? Not even 100 peeps playing MO? Who r u trying to fool? We have over 50 members in our alliance alone, and we are one om the smallest alliances in MO. So nice try from one of MMORPG known MO-haters. But don’t worry, EVE win this easily.

    • Former_MO_Player

      You keep kidding yourself. You’ve been doing the same thing since the game launched a year and a half ago. The total paying accounts seem to be somewhere between 1000 and 2000. Given that only the diehard fanbois play anymore, most folks have multiple accounts. Some even boast of 4-6 accounts. I am pretty confident that the number of actual PLAYERS is counded in 3 digits. Be that 100 or 900 does it really matter? But hey… Henrik tweated that he has now fixed the nodeline issues and at a MINUMUM it will be 400 times better. Yes, he said 400 time better AT A MINIMUM. Let’s all see if the known liar delivers on 400 times better performance!

      • I was answering Username509 that said it wasn´t more then 100 people tops playing the game. Ofc there is a difference between 100 and 1000. Just count and found out for yourself. And the amunt of people playing the game has increased since TC, so I think the actuall number is WAY over 1000 people. Probably closer 3-4000. But that´s just speculations.
        And about the “400 times better” statement. It had to do with the system that had 400 packages delivered when you crossed a nodeline, wich made it lag etc. If you take them away, it will get 400 times better. In theory at least. And from the response so far from players, he seems to have had right.

        • Former_MO_Player

          If you honestly believe that there are 3-4k unique PLAYERS of this piece of crap game you really need your head examined. I guess it explains alot about why you play the game. You live in fantasyland in real life…

          • Hey, some like Hello Kitty Online, some like Mortal Online. We can´t all like the same games. I could say your the dumbest asshole to ever walk this earth for not seing the greatness in Mortal Online, but I´m not going to sink to your level. Insulting people for not sharing your opinion is the move of a desperate man.

          • Former_MO_Player

            @Lahuzer To take your analogy to it’s logical conclusion. It’s like someone who likes Hello Kitty saying they think there are 3.5 billion unique players. Trying to say that there are 4000 unique players in MO is just as ludicrous. Anyone who didn’t have their head up their ass would know this, so I could say that you might want to take a deep sniff and check, but I won’t stoop to YOUR level.

  7. Can u explain where I insulted the community??

  8. @admin SWG stopped being a sandbox when NGE hit

  9. Can’t believe Minecraft is missing!

    • Minecraft is not an MMO. Yes, there is a minecraft MMO in production but it hasn’t officially launched yet.

      • I concur. There are Minecraft servers which have bigger population than Mortal Online. The privately hosted servers are little different then let’s say WoWs 100 different servers, just with lower population on each of them.

        There is character progression, persistent world, stats, all the signs of a mmo. So why is MC not a mmo?

  10. wow guys reading the comments is just hilarious. So much hatred and tinfoil-ism. You need to cooldown!

  11. ofcourse EVE is winning Tizio DUUUHHHH it is an actual sandbox whereas MO pretends to be one.

    • Where is this Tizio you are refering to? Or did you mean me, cause I´m the only one that has said EVE would win this easily. The only suprise here would be if it didn´t win. But you can´t have that bad reading skills that you can´t see the difference between Lahuzer and Tizio. Or can you?

  12. MO isnt a sandbox, its a massive first person slasher (would say shooter). If it actually had more to do with non-combat oriented stuff it would be a sandbox. But for now its still just a bad Mount & Blade knock off. To bad that Skyrim did everything Mortal Online tried to do, but only better.

  13. Maybe except the multiplayer part?
    MO is a good game, and the closest thing we have to a good fantasy sandbox at the moment. SV needs to take it’s head from pvp-ers asses, and start rebalancing current non-pvp systems and implement a few new ones, so they influence the game just as much as killing- that is true. Still. MO is a good game (for todays standards)

  14. Haven and Hearth.

  15. Former_MO_Player

    @ADMIN- You cannot ADD choices to a poll days after it has been open. Maybe you don’t realize this but we cannot change our votes. WTF is up with that?

  16. @”Former_MO_Player” Once again my sweetness, this is just my and yours OPINION in the matter. We can guess as much as we want. I guessed it´s 3-4000 people playing MO atm, you think that is bullcrap. And you need to wipe all that poo from yours eyes once you stick your head out from a donkeys ass or wherever you have it, and see that your opinion in the matter, ain´t the truth. Not mine either. But I promise you that my 3-4000 players is closer to the real number then the “100” players maximum that Username509 said it was.
    @Toferio If so, why not make multiple account, like many of the haters have, and respond to him there. It ain´t rocket science to do it you know… It´s like me answering some1 here on MMORPG or any other player sites. Stupid.

    • Because not everyone can be arsed going through making a new email to register new account just to reply to him. And if you knew MO boards, you’d know that any slightly questionable post would vanish within minutes 😛

      • Yeah, it´s EXTREMLY hard to make a new e-mail. Phew!!! The hastle. Takes, like 4ever. Why do you go through the hastle to respond to a game that you don´t like all the time? Why not move on and enjoy games you like instead of spending time on MMORPG and other sites spilling your guts about MO? Get a life maybe? And if MO forums are that harsh, then why haven´t Tizios response on the subject been deleted!?!? Ohh…

    • ROFL.. you just continue to show how clueless you are. Even their Financial Reports show they are losing money and had MAYBE 2000 accounts. All the fanbois have multiple accounts. Many brag they have 4,5 or even 6. So yeah, maybe 100 was low… but the actual number a PLAYERS is in the hundreds.

      Even with the attemtped hype on their forums with multiple threads and their CEO asking people to come here and vote there are only 200 votes. Who knows how many of those are sockpuppet voters? It’s been said before but I will say it again: Fail game is Fail. You can join Warband servers as populated as MO at any given time.

      • The financial report speaks NOTHING of the state of the game now. That was all pree TC, and from us that actually play the game, has noticed a big increase in population passed TC. But you can go ahead and asume that it´s still only MAYBE 2000, speculations as usuall, but then you have your head up Toferios ass. That´s prolly how it is. Your doing a 69 on each others a-holes. 😛
        And most players in MMOs don´t read, or even bother about forums, and even less that bother to go to other sites to vote etc. It´s just a fraction of the peeps that do it. And I´m not even alittle suprised that you of all ofc thinks that the votes MUST be “sockpuppets votes”. Haters will always hate. Now head back to MMORPG and circle jerk with the other haters there.

        • If you think TC brought back 2000 people u are crazy. If you would like to put your omehy where your mith is. I have a bet. If the next Quarterly shows that it is not 4k subs like usual you stop postin in MOFO or anywhere about MO and quit the game.

          • Once again. Learn how to read. I said 3-4000. And nothing can make me stop playing MO. And I´m no fortune teller. I can only guess how many actives there are now. I have no clue on how it will be a year from now. I know that most doom sayers have said MO would have been shot down by now, but it´s still alive and kicking better then ever. If they keep this momentum up they will easily pass 4k subs this time next year.

    • There is no way in hell there are 3-4k people playing the game it does not show that in the financials at all man. Learn how to add, subtract and then even maybe to multiply. You know basic math.

      • The financial report speaks NOTHING of the CURRENT state of the game AFTER TC was released. Learn how to get that through to your grey cells. You know, basic thinking.

  17. Current_MO_Player

    I can only say this, as someone that actually play MO these days, that the numbers of players ingame has gone up alot since TC, and guessing that the current active people with accounts are 3-4000 ain’t that bad of a guess if you ask me.

  18. Damn this anti-marketing techniques are getting old. Some people must be really afraid of MO. 😀

  19. Former_MO_Player

    1. Lahuzer.. you are well named.
    2. MO can’t even do better than 3rd place even on it’s own sockpuppet site
    3. For MO to have 4000 PLAYERS, counting multiple subs… their numbers would have TRIPLED since the FInancial Report. Umm.. yeah. Your disconnect from reality explains how you can crusade for a POS game like this. Given the number of copies of the game they sold and the number of trial accounts made… it is quite easy to see that they have a SINGLE DIGIT retention rate. Low single digits at that. Wonder why that is…. Yup.. the 9 out of 10 people who tried the game and know it’s a POS are obviously wrong. DERP

    • You sir need a pair of glasses, and maybe even some reading comprehension. I said I guessed that they had 3-4 thousand NOW, not that the number has tripled since the financial report. But all those words turned in to sentences can be a bitch sometimes.
      And how far up your ass did you have to go to find the statement that 9 of 10 peeps that tried MO thought it was a POS? DERPY DERP.

      • Former_MO_Player

        OK.. at this point anyone with a 3rd grade educatiuon can see that you are ignoring FACTS and just want to spout off like an internet toughguy. You and your 3 friends have fun in your dead game.
        If you are really interested, simply re-read the responses above and re-evaluate your ignorant answer.
        Have a great holiday!

        • Yeah, I didn´t get that the 2000 or so subs from financial report, if tripled ended up at 3-4000 accounts. Need to learn my math all over again I guess. Or maybe you learn it, and write correctly, so people don´t missunderstand you. Have a merry one you as well!!! Snap head.

          • Former_MO_Player

            I see the simply concept of accounts and PLAYERS not being the same eludes you. Again, it explains much!

            Keep going though, eventually you will catch up to the rest of us. There is always the one slow guy in the room who doesn’t understand the joke until it’s repeated 3-4 times.

          • @Former_MO_Player The only one fumbling around in the dark is you, who think that beacause some people have more then one account, that means everone must have it!!! In our allaince we are 3 people that have 2 accounts each. And we are over 50 players in our tiny alliance. So it ain´t THAT many that has multiple accounts. We can only speculate. So as it is, we have to go with the around 2000 players as a fact of actuall players. Maybe 2-300 on either side of the 2000 mark are multiple accounts. Still tripled, nowhere near 3-4000 players. But keep on trying. Sooner or later you will also wake up to what the rest of us refer to as “the real world”.

          • Former_MO_Player

            Uh-huh.. keep living in Fantasy world.

            As I said. You are aptly named!

          • My nick at least is a referense to a movie. Try to figure that one out. While you have to pick a lame ass name as “Former_MO_Player” so people may think you know shit. Which you apperantly don´t. So you failed miserably in chosing your nick. The only LOSER here is you my friend.

          • Former_MO_Player

            A looser spelled any other way… is still a LAHUZER

          • Are you getting desperate? Trying to cling on to my nick as if that has something to do with anything. But sometimes a picture can say more then any words. So I give you this:

          • Former_MO_Player

            OK loser, looser, lahuzer. If the shoe fits, wear it.

          • Current_MO_Player

            Hey, FORMER player. Since you don´t play at all, you only have the financial report to lean on to. As a current player, I and many with me, knows that the numbers of players has increased ALOT since TC. So keep being a FORMER player and think you know how the current state of the game is… Your the real Loser.

          • I think we can all agree that anyone dumb enough to play this game is the real loser. Regardless of their name.

    • Since I care for a fellow MO player, even a former one, for the sake of your well-being, I humbly advice that you let go of all the anger and continue your life leaving the game that has left so many mental scares behind you. It seems the emotions that MO bring in you are really not good for your health.

  20. Feel free to continue this discussion on the forums.

  21. just easy . Eve win, why? alot year in market and cash to keep influx new contet

    About DF? well i play since release and unsub my account 1 year ago
    Only can say FPS! politc shits? Zerg vs Zerg ou Side A vs Side B most siege
    Well good pve system
    Alot others broken mechanics
    And alot promises and lie about DF2.0
    PvP more fantasy , see compare medieval-warfare

    Well MO , Alot Bug , Dupes and Nodelines , but compare others in list
    MO since focus more in PVP warfare , but forget PVE its important
    and about craft its complex system , problem now because all alliance discovery bests “recipes”
    somes in my Clan spent more 2-3 week in full test about all , to see perfect bow
    of course my clan hava now advantage to it

    About T.C cool system , inject more politc shits
    Dont have Safe time in sieges

  22. Interesting pace of votes for MO btw. A game where the CEO had troubles collecting 200 followers on twitters suddenly gained 70 votes during a day, after poll been up for several days with moderate progression and linked on official forums several times.. wonder what’s the sudden influx due to.

    • Current_MO_Player

      Yeah, cause it´s really hard to click on a vote… Making a account on twitter is just a click away yes? No. Most people follow twitters without making a account you know. I for one. But maybe that comes as a suprise to you? But if we gonna think like you do. Then Darkfall, that didn´t have almost any votes 3 days ago, now have over 300!!! Wtf is up with that!?!? And don´t even mention EVE then. They have gone over 700 in 5 days!!! I say top 3 should all be banned!!! Cause there is really something fishy going on here… You people need to get a life. Jfc.

      • Former_MO_Player

        The concurrent population of Eve is literally an order of magnitude greater than that of MO. That’s actualy concurrent players. The sub base is two orders of magnitude greater. Of course, to understand just how profound a difference that is, you would first need to understand such concepts.

        MO is that little kid with no skills that’s always trying to play with the big kids.

  23. Gentlemen please; there’s no need for all this hate.

    MO seems to be getting a lot of votes because someone posted a link to this site on the MO forums calling people to vote for Darkfall. Why Darkfall on the MO forums, I don’t know, but that doesn’t really matter.
    It also looks like this site is getting a lot of attention from Eve Players on Reddit.

    The comments page here is getting cluttered. Please feel free to use the forums.

  24. Former_MO_Player

    FYI this site is broken… the math of the votes is off. How can a game with zero votes have 1% while a game with actual votes has 0%? DERP?

  25. Entropia Universe – The forgotten Sandbox MMORPG that is now 10 years old, freshly upgraded to Cryengine 2, has 4 planets 2 satellites, Hell, and Ancient Greece, plus space altogether making it the largest MMORPG in existence EVER, with 4 more planets to come.


    88 professions
    200 professional levels in every skill, combine 3 or more to join a profession.
    No player has achieved max level in any profession, though some skills are maxed at this point. This game takes years to progress in.
    Lootable PvP regions
    Non lootable PvP regions
    PvP Free regions
    Melee, Ranged, or “Psychic” playstyles.
    Player owned real estate with income generation opportunities.
    Player representative system that pays you a portion of the Gross Planet Revenue of one of the 4 planets.

    This game is the Ultima Online of 2012. An excellent product which I have been enjoying myself playing since 2010.

    • This actually looks really good. Need to check it out me thinks. Thx for the tip. Dunno how I have missed this.

    • Is it point’n’lock combat?

      • No, seems like you have to aim.

      • Its a bit of both. If you want PvE you are free to point and click, though that’s a bit boring and slow. If you want to PvP do not use point and click (and some areas disable this completely). Use mouselook and freeform aim. You will be much faster than your opponents and embarass them by dancing around them in circles with your freeform combat techniques.

        I came from UO/AC/Darkfall to this game, and on my 3rd day shamelessly embarassed an older player who didnt seem to understand that point and click combat was not PvP. With a noob melee weapon this loud mouthed ‘respected’ player was sent straight to their spawn point.

        • I’m going to need to check out Project Entropia again. I have tried it, but that was years and years ago, way before the cry engine upgrade.
          I admit I tend to be biased against “free to play” MMO’s, but maybe I should give this one another shot.

          I just didn’t think “milking” those mobs for hours on end was fun, but maybe if I throw $15 at it right off the bat, that it could be a better game.

          I plan on holding a referendum in the future to decide what sandbox MMO I’ll review next. I’ll definitely add Project Entropia on that poll.

          If you want you can click “Submit News” and submit a news article or a review and if it’s fairly well written I’ll post it in the homepage.

          Anything made with the Cry engine is worth looking into. That’s a really decent engine.

        • I started playing it yesterday, and boy was I lost. 😛 I quite soon realized that I wouldn´t make any progress without investing some RL money. I ended up on “Next Island” but soon realized that wasn´t the place to be for a new character. You need to go to Calypso or hwatever it is called. I met a guy that was on his way to Arkadia, so I jumped onboard his spaceship, and it took us 30 mins flying there. And we flew through space where you could get attacked. A PVP zone. But we ended up at Arkadia. I was just as lost there, but got some friendly advice from the guy. He kept on repeating “read entropedia”… So I read some, and I invested 20 dollars and bought me some mining equipment and armor and stuff. Today I head out in Arkadia to see if I can harvest some ore. The combat ain´t intruiging at all when you do the right click thingy, but I can imagine it being alot better in aim mode and in PVP. It also seem to be a game that you need to invest alot of time in to get good. Cause the learning curve is steap. But I give it my 20 bucks at least to get a better grasp of the game. So far so good, and I could also run it in 3D with my Nvidia 3d Vision 2, wich made the game look spectacular in certain areas.

          • Doesn’t sound bad at all. Keep us informed. I’m specially interested if it isn’t one of those types of games where you need to pay constantly to progress.

  26. I wrote something on that never made it past the game forums. It’s here:

    Granted I wrote this almost 2 years ago, and have learned alot about the game since then. Much of the information is conglomerated on my guild website, here:

    I’m also in the process of writing a comprehensive new player guide here:

    There’s so much to say about this game a single review would not do it justice, though I guess its possible to try! An amazing game where money only buys the illusion of power — an illusion quickly dispelled by the high cost of not knowing how to effectively use your avatar.

  27. About entropia, I kinda remember that it had a system that allows you convert in-game currency into rl currency and vice-versa and that it was too cash-shop focused. But I might be wrong.

  28. There’s no actual cash shop in Entropia. Everything has a real cash value of some sort. Yes, you can withdraw. No, I havnt withdrawn anything. I’m not going to preach to anyone about how this game made me rich. It hasnt. I may come out ahead whenever the day comes that I quit, but I may not. I spend what I can afford to spend, and what I think is reasonable.

    I do own property in the game, a large castle, some good armor, etc. These help give my hunts and playtime flexibility, as well as give my guild someplace cool to hang out. Part of the game is social, part of the game is getting out there and engaging the environment, and part of it is managing your resources effectively.

    Youre not going to be able to dump thousands of dollars and buy your way out of newbiedom. Mostly because, though yes you can buy ingame skills, and gear, and all sorts of other fun stuff, you cant buy stats, and you cant buy experience. Both of which are more necessary than skills in order to play your avatar effectively.

    That and being a newbie is actually a good thing in EU. People dont treat you like shit like they do in other MMOs. You have a real role in the economy, so you’re just as important as the uber-next-door who has been playing for 9 years and has the latest and greatest suit of collectors armor.

  29. heheh, I walk away for months, come back and there’s just as much butthurt as there was a year ago. I guess that’s a good sign for MO, anyway.