Skyrim-Online Updates: Almost playable!

Recently the Skyrim multiplayer mod known as Skyrim-Online had made some very important updates.

These include visual player synchronization, gender sync, face morph sync and launcher updates.

You can download this mod from Skyrim Nexus.

What is currently implemented:
– Other players in the world are displayed as prisonners with the player’s armor.
– Weather and Time are sync’d.
– General Chat. Pop in and say hello.
– Region based sync, you only see people in your area
– Basic animations (walking and running)
– Gender sync
– Face morph sync

What is not yet implemented:
– Coop (This includes questing etc)
– Monster Syncronization (Another player will not see the monsters that you see.)
– Party System
– Trading
– Private Chat
– Dueling/PvP

It looks like Skyrim Online mod is well on its way to becoming a decent sandbox elderscrolls MMO.

One Response to Skyrim-Online Updates: Almost playable!

  1. It would be interesting if co op was implemented into the game sometime in the future. That would make the Elder Scrolls series much more innovated. Great mods by the way, will try making every NPC a prisoner now!