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EVE’s Mosaic update is now live

CCP has successfully upgraded EVE Online with today’s Mosaic patch. The new Opportunities tutorial system is now available for all newbs, and the patch also introduces cruiser-sized burner missions, new structure assembly effects, a Tech 3 destroyer rebalance, a balance pass on low- and nullsec ores, and more. You can read the full patch notes here, or peruse the new Updates site for the highlights! [Source: Announcement post]

Dev polls community about bringing back original Darkfall Online

Are you unsatisfied with the way that Darkfall Online has progressed after transforming into Unholy Wars? There may be a window of opportunity to undo all of that and bring the game or at least a copy of the game back to what it used to be — if that’s a concern of yours, of course. Aventurine’s Axilmar put out [...]

Daybreak launches new site, triggers week of celebratory events

Daybreak Game Company now has a new home and logo to make its transition from Sony Online Entertainment complete. “We are so proud of our new company branding as it truly reflects who we are as an organization and captures our vision of approaching each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward,” said Daybreak President John Smedley on [...]

CCP would like you to buy some EVE ship SKINS in its cash shop

CCP is ramping up the focus on its cash shop thanks to a new dev blog examining EVE Online’s ship SKIN system. Ship skins are purchased in CCP’s item mall and may be bought or sold for ISK on the in-game market prior to activation. SKINs are used by activating them on a character, which then grants that character permanent access [...]

EVE Evolved: How many subscriptions does EVE have?

Two weeks ago, a mathemagician over at The Nosy Gamer published some interesting calculations showing that EVE Online‘s subscriptions may have dropped by around 18% in the past two years. CCP has always prided itself on the fact that EVE has grown year-on-year since release, but the last official number we heard was when it reached 500,000 subscriptions back in [...]

Raph Koster explains Star Wars Galaxies’ TEF PvP system

A long time ago on a website far, far away, we were having a discussion about modern MMOs and their inability to make sandboxes more than thinly disguised FFA gankfests. I suggested that devs riff on Star Wars Galaxies and its early TEF (temporary enemy flagging) system as a way to incorporate optional FFA PvP into a PvE sandbox. As it turns out, the system was incredibly complex [...]

Gloria Victis upgrades to Unity 5 engine

Forget what you think you know of Gloria Victis’ looks, as the devs announced that they’ve switched up the game engine to Unity 5. This will improve not only the visuals (including the new trees as featured in the picture above) but client performance as well. “What does it mean for you?” the team posted. “FPS growth, better movement fluency, [...]

CCP recaps EVE Fanfest security presentation

CCP has published a quick post calling attention to its security and anti-cheat policies in EVE Online. The update is basically a recap of the 52-minute Team Security presentation at this month’s fanfest. Highlights include CCP’s strict stance on botting and ISK buying, both of which carry temporary bans for first-time offenders and permanent bans for second offenses. The firm [...]

EVE Online fan calculates at least an 18% drop in subscriptions in the past two years

There used to be a time when CCP would eagerly release every new subscriber milestone that EVE Online hit, but that era has passed. For a while now, the studio has not publicly mentioned sub numbers, leaving the fanbase to wonder if the game’s population is declining. EVE player and blogger The Nosy Gamer engaged in a whirlwind of math [...]

EVE Evolved: Four lessons sandbox MMOs can learn from EVE

lessonsThe past few years have seen a resurgence of support for sandbox MMOs, both of the trying-to-be-minecraft creative kind and the hardcore nuke-it-from orbit PvP variety. We’ve partly got games like DayZ to thank for the latter, and with recently released survival MMO H1Z1 netting over a million sales while still in Early Access, that’s a trend that is sure [...]

Darkfall’s latest patch

DarkfallHere are the patch notes for today: Ultimates: Added Toxic Rain as earth Ultimate: Large Radius (smaller than blizzard), Poison damage (bypasses armor) Note that: It deals the least amount of damage from any (ultimate) aoe in the game, however it debuffs Infliction Protection (poison/bleeding etc), so that if synced with 2+ players it deals the most damage on medium/heavy armored players. Salvo: Slow movement debuff removed. Damaged reduced by ~10%. Added Piercing debuff penalty (about 6points) while you are under its effect. Blizzard: Movement Slow effect removed. Damage reduced by ~5% Lightning protection debuff halved. Added "Ice storm" SFX. This will create a "smokescreen" effect that can serve multiple purposes (for example: concealment while trying to escape) A screenshot while testing blizzard:Name:  DFUW 2015-03-16 16-16-41-27.jpg<br /> Views: 562<br /> Size:  19.4 KB Movement changes: These changes make movement more fluid and responsive, however there is a 'side-effect' that bunnyhopping needs tighter timing in order to pull off. We expect your overall feedback on this change, however it is something that needs to be given time in order to be evaluated better. We expect this to affect archery to a degree, but that was the reason the arrow speed/exploit weakness were increased in the first place. Strafing (top) Speed reduced by 5%. Note that strafing is much more "instant/responsive" now. Skill Changes Attunement to Air: Piercing debuff reduced by ~ 6 points. Mana/Stamina cost halved. Exploit Weakness: Piercing debuff reduced by ~ 5.5 points. Duration reduced by 2 sec. Flurry: Piercing debuff reduced by ~3.5 points. Cone angle halved, in order to promote more skillful play/targetting Melee slow effect greatly reduced. Roar: Cone angle greatly reduced in order to promote more skillful play/targetting (It has same angle as flurry now) Bastion: Cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds (down from 7.5) Primal Surge: Cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds (down from 7.5) Someone trying to buff his teammates will have an easier time doing so. Caustic Bolt: Acid debuff increased by ~1 damage. This means you will do 5more damage when having all 5 stacks up. Battle Rage: No longer consumes your health in order to cast it. Staff Bolt: Casting time increased by 0.2 sec. Soul Flay: Added moderate damage effect (To living targets). Virtuous Wrath: Now castable using 1 handed melee weapons. Lacerate: Range reduced (still bit longer than polearms) Roar: Cone angle greatly reduced in order to promote more skillful play/targeting (It has same angle as flurry now) Repel: Cooldown slightly reduced. Crushing Blow: Stamina drain slightly reduced. Blinding effect duration reduced by 1 sec. No longer slows casting/archery speed. Mounted Combat: Damage done by weapons while on mount increased by +10 more points of damage (flat).   Skill stat costs: Normalized the stat cost requirements in several skills: Salvo, Stoic Defense, Wall of Righteous Force, Bastion, Primal surge, Repel, Leap, Blizzard, Virtuous Wrath: Stat costs reduced. (in some cases like Salvo, the cost was greatly reduced. This was because it cost almost the same amount of stats as it did damage to a player) Maelstorm, Power attack, Crushing Bow: Stat costs slightly increased.   Misc: Spyglass range has been doubled (sea-scrappers beware!) Begone no longer damages structures. Portal Chambers summoning sickness reduced to 30 minutes. House Recall, now costs a teleportation shard (drop rates will be revisited) Dropped relic now spawns up from the ground to avoid cases where a player could get stuck in it. Fixed "Track 1 feat" feat not progressing Increased carrying weight from garmirs no longer stays on player if mount gets killed Fixed a bug where a player could start using his marked "Teleport Rune" and moving his "Teleportation Dust" out of his backpack thus teleporting without losing the dust. Fixed a bug where the lower tier garmir would occasionally spawn invisible   UI: - On-screen notifications can now be moved and re sized using HUD edit mode (note: placeholder icon in-use) - Added System > Clan > Crafting notifications category, moved all crafting related notifications there. - Rate limited clan workstation income notifications to once per hour (per workstation, per holding), containing all gold earned in the past hour.

H1Z1 is going ‘nuclear’ on hackers

h1z1 From the sound of it, the H1Z1 crew put in some serious overtime during this past weekend. SOE President John Smedley has been posting updates across Reddit, especially in reference to hackers and important patch fixes.

Smedley said that the team is "extremely on top of" any hacking going on in the game and will only get better as time goes by. "What we have is extremely robust in terms of detection and prevention," he posted. "Now that we started with detection, you'll be seeing the prevention go nuclear."

Patches that are coming soon to the game will cover many vital issues, according to Smedley. These fixes include more loot, frame rate fixes, the infamous G29 problem, the floating arrow bug, and a slower drain rate for hunger and thirst.

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EVE Evolved: Rebuilding EVE’s corporation tools

EVE Evolved title image The MMO genre is defined by the online interactions of thousands of players, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the single-shard sandbox of EVE Online. While it's possible to play EVE solo, it's the players who make most of the game's meaningful content, and it's only in your emergent interactions with other players that I think the game truly comes to life. Some time ago, I wrote about the importance of CCP supporting EVE's power players, the corporation owners, fleet commanders, and event organisers who give the rest of us something fun to do. Now it looks like CCP is starting to deliver that support, with developers currently looking at updating EVE's archaic corp management tools.

CCP Punkturis recently asked corporation owners for a list of the most annoying "little things" they'd like to see fixed with the corporation management interface and was instead flooded with requests for big features and complete overhauls. Developers later confirmed on The o7 Show that at least one highly requested big feature is definitely on its way: CEOs will soon be able to switch off friendly-fire between corp members. The threat of corporate infiltrators attacking corp members has been a massive barrier preventing corps from recruiting new players, so its removal is good news for everyone (except spies). So now that corporation management is finally back on the drawing board, what other features do corp owners need?

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at a few ideas for corporation tools and features that would make EVE a better place for everyone.

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Albion Online’s winter test begins January 26th

albion online Backers of Albion Online have been sitting on their hands for a while now, waiting for the next alpha test of this isometric sandbox. The good news is that Sandbox Interactive has announced that the alpha winter test will begin in a little over a month on January 26th.

There will be plenty of new and updated systems to check out during this testing cycle, including an extensive farming system, consumables, more weapons, more skills, and player and guild islands. Another significant change is that players can flag themselves as friendly or hostile in PvP areas, effectively adding consensual PvP into the game.

Albion Online's winter test will be available to legendary ($100) and epic ($50) founders and will last for four weeks.

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Lost Continent: Yep, F2P sucks for ArcheAge

Thus far I've put up with quite a lot of crap in my quest to like ArcheAge. There was the launch debacle in which no one realized that many millions of people will show up and expect a working service if you yell "come play for free!" Then there was the Auroria debacle, in which no one cared about server accessibility during a competitive launch event.

And of course there's ArcheAge's easily exploitable code, the ramifications of which include hacks, cheats, and bot-related problems that continue to be visible to anyone taking Trion's really-guys-it's-only-a-tiny-minority spin with a grain of salt.

Finally, there's the grossly intrusive monetization plan that prevents subscribers from playing certain parts of the game unless they spend additional money in the cash shop. ArcheAge has a comically long list of problems, but it's this last one that's finally wearing me down.

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