mortal online 2 is an upcoming first person open world sandbox mmorpg and long-awaited sequel to mortal online 1. this game is a hardcore full loot pvp style game made in unreal engine 4 where players will have to discover a lot of the game’s secrets by themself this game has what’s probably the most in-depth and crazy crafting system you’ll see in an mmo player housing and cities pve dungeons and a directional combat system that you may have experienced in games like mordow or chivalry this video was recorded during the game’s closed beta so everything you see is subject to change and many features aren’t yet implemented but first a quick word from today’s sponsor summoner’s war has been one of the most popular classic turn-based mobile rpgs for the past seven years with over 110 million downloads on the google play and app store attracting a global community and successful mobile esports scene if you’re into creature collection then summoner’s war is the game for you as there’s over 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let’s create a character four different races you’ve got the human the alvarian elven people the ogmere basically gorillas and you’ve got the versa i don’t even know how to describe that i’m gonna have to be an ogmere we can change our bloodline so we can mess around with our ancestors and we can have like scorched skin if we want to that’s kind of cool and changing your ancestors actually changes your stats and attributes over here as you can see next attributes age changing my age is changing my stats as well size yeah i want to be bigger now you can change your weight and obviously if you’re an obese boy you’re going to be slower oh if you look at this if you have your weight as 50 you’re super skinny you’ve got strength 10. but if you put it to about 116 you’ve then got 55 strength but if you go super obese it’s back down to 20. so it seems as though you don’t want to be a chunker you don’t want to be a stick you want to be just a little bit thick fur color dark silver oh hello hello nipples what are you doing hair yeah i’m not feeling any of those hair types he’s better off bald isn’t he you can have a nice bushy beard though i don’t think the beard suits him too much i’m actually gonna not have a beard for once okay i’m happy with that starting location haven first name muscles surname strong nice we got that name you are now in haven a very limited bite-sized slice of the game that acts as a tutorial so i’m safe from getting killed from other players here look at those chunky hands beautiful there’s also some vegetables in the floor can i actually pick those pick oh okay i’m a farmer just spawned into the world and we’re already living that simple life this guy’s just taking out his sword am i still in his carrots and my carrots now i’m the fastest looter in the world as this is a sandbox game i’m going to use my runescape knowledge to give me an idea of what to do so i’m thinking make food and make health recovery before going out and then grind some mobs and just gather resources make some money make some armor that’s going to be my plan i’ve heard mortal online isn’t like other mmos that plan might not work someone give me a farming skills cape real quick and pick the flower yeah i’ll just take everything spawned into the world i’m just grabbing everything i can get my hands on can i punch the guard come on then oh stop right there criminal scum hurting this character is illegal cannot be done on the haven oh so if i’m not in the tutorial area i can actually punch guards and i’d probably get my ass kicked i’m liking the buildings and the architecture the scale of the world seems kind of immersive can i you won’t get any of his stuff don’t mind me bob i’m just here to take a look around oh he’s got nothing worth stealing oh i can punch his box [ __ ] you box punch the wall ow bob’s looking at me thinking oh god we’ve got a village idiot over here haven map okay i’ve actually got a classic rpg style map where it just tells me where things are but it leaves a little bit of navigation up to me learn different weapon skills swords are cool there you go oh we’re talking to this guy and asking him some questions he’s given me some advice and it’s upgrading my skills so there’s actually incentive to talk to npcs in this game okay i think i’ve learned all i can from this guy i didn’t read a single thing he said but i’m sure i could figure it out i’m intrigued so far i don’t really know what’s possible in this game i’ve got that cool feeling of being lost in an mmo right now just kind of exploring oh wood cutting axe this seems like an obvious thing to buy and a pickaxe i like the music it’s kind of a sense of wonder style music out into the world we go wait i’ve got an axe let’s see if i can chop a tree i’m using my axe like a weapon i need to hold r to start wood cutting okay obtained dapple wood nice let’s see how stupid we can really be i could chop the tree with a pickaxe my wood cutting skill has increased to 10 by doing that but this is actually working what about my sword chop the tree with this okay interesting the game doesn’t put restrictions on you when it comes to your tall choice i’m assuming an axe is going to be better though right so i can just kind of chill here and afk would cut if i want to and in the bottom left my skills are increasing we’re obtaining dapple wood maybe at some point the tree runs out of resources i don’t know for now let’s sit back chill and uh get for that wood at least you can afk woodcut in this game i quite enjoy mmos where there are some things that you can do afk means you can play the game on your other monitor or something this is like a combat test kill pumpkins okay timer has started so this game uses a directional combat system if i want to stab in the box i need to use the down direction overhead stab side slash stab so this one’s an overhead 24 seconds not bad i don’t know it’ll show a leaderboard or something will it oh it does show a leaderboard i’m number 835 not bad for a first attempt i haven’t done any mining yet if i’m going to craft some armor i’m surely going to need to mine we are mining and we’ve just learned about geranium apparently my strength is increasing whilst i’m doing this as well i’m going to leave this to mine rock for about 10 minutes then i should have enough things to make a set of armor hopefully [Music] ten minutes of mining i’ve got three thousand and forty-two grainian big giant lake can you swim you can’t oh god did that just break the game okay so going in the water disconnected me from the game let’s do it again okay we got ourselves a spooky graveyard over here let’s go investigate without my sword that’s our zombie fresh walking dead i’m confident i can kill it let’s go i have played more doubt big damage oh it’s health bars oh god it’s hitting me from across the mountain oh my god is this thing going to kill me i cannot time my attacks i’m going to die i’m going to run big damage the timing of the attacks is hard dude it needs to be just the right distance away from oh it’s dead we got it that was difficult if it gets too close to you your hand blocks against its shoulder and you can’t actually hit it so now i’m really low on health i’m gonna need to figure out how to heal right click start resting ah okay so sitting down does indeed make your health regen so let’s explore this skill page i’m actually gaining experience and leveling up my resting skill by resting that’s interesting let’s kill this pig thank you pig get off my land that bad pig that’s brutal poor little guy oh another pig i will kill this pig for stats and for leather oink oink okay so now i have a bunch of resources armor so i need a helmet cool material i can only use leather okay we have crafted a helmet nice that looks pretty cool padded torso nice that doesn’t even use too many resources either padded right arm left arm wow you can have different arms so you could have one arm made of one material and another arm made of a different material that’s badass okay it looks like we are finally getting equipped oh my god now i’ve got really cool armor slowly getting to grips with how i need to approach this game this is a game you need to approach with a lot of patience it’s going to be a pain in the ass for you editing this video hayden with my discord popping up every few seconds you’re going to be very confused right okay i’m going to jump in discord and get an education testing testing can you hear me i can hear you [Music] the next morning back at it with some more mortal online today last night someone taught me a lot about the game and also gave me this really cool very strong two-handed sword so i’m gonna go to the graveyard jump up here and i’m going to kill some walking dead i also got myself a bow and arrow now so let’s shoot one of them how many can i actually pull a lot so once i’ve grouped them all up i can big damage slice them down i’m just absolutely chunking chop chop i’m leveling up my combat stats by doing this good way of getting used to the combat so this clade gifts thing levels up as you gain xp combat xp i guess and this is basically a talent tree apparently these walking dead are more aggressive at night time and more of them spawn and they wander more at night time as well so that’s kind of cool as you can see i was just hitting the walking dead’s armor and his armor actually blocked my attack and he took less damage but you really need to aim your sword attacks quite well in this game it seems as though combat’s going to take a lot of skill that’s actually kind of fun it’s engaging at least so obviously this is a full loot game you want to be storing things that you’re not willing to lose in the bank also probably a good idea to have some backup weapons and armor just in case you do die as well i have 10 goals worth of sulfur in the bank and the reason i’m stocking up on that is because sulfur is used to cast mage spells in this game you actually need ingredients to cast your spells in my inventory i bought a basic spell book this cost me one gold now that i have this in my inventory i can press you and bring up the spell book and hovering over these spells here tells me what reagents i need to cast the spells but first what i want to do is go to the library and read a book you go to the library this is library you buy a book that you want to learn about let’s do advanced cooking tools and then you equip the book and the book will appear in your inventory for a certain amount of time and as time goes by you can see in the bottom left skill advanced cooking tools increase to 17. this is just going to tick up over time and you’re slowly gonna learn things to increase your trade and profession skills yeah early on this game feels like an absolute [ __ ] you’re very easily lost but once you start to learn a few things you learn how to learn about the game i guess so what monsters do we have over here bandits should i be brave and try and fight a bandit they seem pretty strong let’s wait for this patrol to go away let’s see if they’ve got any treasure inside of the ruins what’s this whip out my sword oh oh oh oh oh oh he swatted me oh god he’s got a lot of oh god there’s loads of them run all the way back to haven we go i did a full damage slash to the face and it took this much of his health away so yeah i’m not gonna mess with him seems like they’ve stopped chasing me bloody hell the aggro range in this game is crazy and there’s this guy now gonna go pull the bandits go on lad get in there i’m gonna back you up you’re right mate what are you doing oh he’s killing him how is he killing him i’ll help you out mate go on then this guy’s strong he’s got full play armor what a beast okay let’s go adventure together me and vayne against the world two adventurers two gorilla people big weapons big damage he’s absolutely destroying these bandits how is he doing so much damage oh he hit him so hard the armor fell off good job okay well vane here i feel confident to take on a bandit let’s raid the bandit camp oh is there a treasure chest can i look i want to look oh calamine wow oh hello george got him right on the head where’s my friend gone and just like that like a ghost to the wind vane has disappeared the ethereal soldier of the north helped me vanquish some enemies and he’s off on his way into the mountains i go i’m still looking for rare resources for my magic abilities my goal for the end of this video is to just test out magic and see what it looks like i’ve gathered 44 kilograms worth of nitro now to head all the way back to haven and learn how to do magic so i guess i want to drag this on my hotbar so number two so we charge it and then we press you missed your spokes it wasn’t aimed at a target i feel like because magic is more complex than the other schools of combat there’s going to be less majors in the game but the few majors you will see will be very powerful that’s my theory that’s why i want to be a mage so now that it’s night time apparently the graveyard is supposed to be more difficult the mobs wonder a bit more just go to my safe spot mage ability charge it up go oh what happened oh there was another player there who killed the mob i thought i one tapped it okay we go again charge it up big damage little damage little bit of damage again well the lighting effect is cool at least you have to charge it up there you go now we’re out of mana now we sit down for a bit so i guess this is the kind of thing where we’re going to be tickling the mobs initially but maybe later on we’re going to do big damage i don’t know so yeah i feel like i’ve seen as much as i want to see on the haven island progression from now on would just be going out gathering stuff selling things buying books learning all i can from the library and probably making enough money to then transfer away from this tutorial island into the main map where i’d have to probably look for a guild or something because this is a heavy guild game but i guess that’s going to do it for this first impressions solid five or six hours messing around in this haven area obviously a lot of the features of the game aren’t implemented yet and there’s still things like player housing and a bunch of other skills that aren’t currently working definitely a game to revisit with another first impressions upon full release so after checking out mortal online 2’s closed beta my first impressions of the game so far are as follows the game gave me a sense of wonder and mystery due to there being no real time map there being so many skills and the game not really teaching me anything sure i was frustrated when learning the basics at times but that did come with a feeling of wonder that’s rare to find in mmos visually the game looks good with it being made in unreal engine 4. i found the world to be very immersive i felt like the building size was realistic and the movement speed of your character made the world feel huge and this was just from me playing on a small tutorial island so it’s going to be on a whole nother level when you reach the main area of the game the sheer amount of skills attributes and paths you can take in this game seems quite crazy and like nothing i’ve seen before in an mmo i loved the crafting where you can use different material for different parts of the weapons and armor as well as change things like sword handles and blades this game seems like a crafter’s dream and although it’s not in the game yet mortal online 2 will have real space player housing and cities i love games that have this as a feature as it’ll help players feel like they really live in that world and add a whole extra layer of immersion this could be a con for some people but i like that you’re kind of forced to talk to other people and form connections to progress and learn the game yes it’s a pain in the ass starting out but taking that step in joining a guild or make a friend to farm with will create more memorable experiences in the long run than if the game was super solo friendly and you could do everything alone shout out to the people from the mortal online discord who jumped into the voice chat to say hi whilst i was learning the game the biggest con for me with this game is going to be the new player experience and that most people will end up having to watch guides for a few hours to learn the game i think there should be some kind of tutorial at some point that teaches you the very basics such as sit to rest and recover health equipping books to learn and so on i do think currently 90 of players would quit out of impatience after the first 90 minutes as that’s how i felt initially there’s a lack of information on tooltips that makes you feel obliged to seek out information on external sources outside of the game i’m sure this will be improved upon during development but right now i’d like tool tips to be better and have more detail so that players can figure out things for themselves easier rather than having to go watch guides if you’re a pure pve player you don’t have a lot of patience and you don’t like the idea of full loot pvp this game is probably not for you one of my concerns about this game going forward into the distant future is it possibly being so hardcore and so niche that it might struggle to maintain a large enough community to keep things interesting i might be wrong about this and i’m sure this is something the devs are aware of and will probably try to tackle the combat doesn’t feel as satisfying as some other medieval first person games that use a directional combat system that being said i thought the attention to detail with the sword slashes hitting armor and colliding with things was very impressive overall after playing mortal online 2’s beta i’m left with mixed emotions the game touched my sense of wonder and exploration leaving me intrigued for its future development my first hour playing the game was fun the second hour was miserable to the point where i considered scrapping the video i came back with renewed willpower and put the time in to watch some guides and figure some stuff out once i learned the absolute basics and got a sense of direction the game became enjoyable again i think mortal online 2 will appeal to fans of runescape ultima online albion online darkfall eve online mordell and other mmo pvp fans that feel as though they can tolerate full loot pvp and grinding but that’s it for this video guys as always let me know your thoughts on mortal online 2 in the comments below and let me know your personal pros and cons for the game so far shout out to exit lag for improving my ping for my online games and updated social media links on screen thanks for watching i hope you all had a successful day and i’ll see you again really soon