Would you like some PvP in your PvP? Then you should keep tabs on EverFeud, an in-development title that’s creating a highly competitive environment in a fantasy world. Arenas and battlegrounds are the main focus of the game, although the devs said that they might be opening up the world to become more of an MMO down the road.

According to the Steam Greenlight description, EverFeud is “an arena and battleground-styled multiplayer PVP game set in a fantasy world where might and magic hold sway. Each player is able to formulate their own strategy and customize their player to their play style in order to ensure victory over the competition. This game is highly competitive and will be sure to always bring a challenge, even for the most die-hard PVP player. Built by PVPers for PVPers.”

You can check out one of the game’s arena courtyards after the jump.


Transparency is vital to smaller, indie MMO projects, especially ones driven by a volunteer team. The crew over at Darkfall: Rise of Agon have no problem being as open as possible with the community, as evidenced by the team’s recent AMA on Reddit.

Much of the AMA tackled what the team was doing to different features and how Rise of Agon would differ from classic Darkfall: “We are also in the process of making enhancements to the in-game textures to make them look more modern as well as enhancing the capabilities of the engine itself. With all that said though, as a team we believe it is more important to make a great game than a pretty-looking game, although we understand the importance of the latter to many modern gamers.”

You can check out an overview of all of the closed beta progress and get ready for the upcoming early access launch with the developer video below!

Source: Reddit

Gloria Victis Releases Biggest Update Ever with New Character Models



The biggest update in the entire history of Gloria Victis has just been released! Not only we have implemented new character models and reworked character creation system – you also receive 7 redesigned settlements, great expansion of the locations upgrading system and Christmas content! The last but not least – as a Christmas gift we gave all of you one point to reset your attributes.

Speaking of Holidays – Merry Christmas, Gloria Victis players! Many times your awesome continuous support gave us energy boost which allowed us to release 34 regular updates since Steam EA release (in just 6 months!), be able to finally establish an office after hard times of remote work, expand the development team and start cooperation with one of the best animators in the industry – only thanks to your priceless support all these achievements could become real. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you in battle!

P.S. Special thanks for the internal testers group for awesome help with countless tests of this update – we owe you one!