Gloria Victis has a way of downplaying its updates for its fiercely loyal tester playerbase, but this past weekend’s announcements deserve a spotlight. The star is the game’s new global event system, which spawns dynamic events and is already live in the game. Here’s how it works:

“The first one, which launches right after each PVP tournament, engages entire nations into sieging and defending selected town or castle. On this occasion we have also implemented siege camps which are temporary spawn points, allowing attackers to organize fierce assaults easier. Another event, which happens after the described siege, calls one nation to defend an NPC commander of a broken ally unit, while the opposite faction has to locate and kill him. This event introduced not only brand new location – river outpost build upon a waterfall – but also new mechanics. Mentioned commander is protected by large group of soldiers but attacking nation can clear the scouts’ camps scattered nearby to disable them from battle. Right now we are working on next Global Events which will launch either after tournament or capturing specific location, making world bosses to appear in response to actions taken by players. Many of these events will come to life with new locations, such as multi-level mountain fort which we are currently developing.”

The team has also reworked the PvP tourney map, introduced a wintry location to the game, and added high-quality workshops and “dozens of new items and crafting schemes” for crafters. Improved combat and emote animations are still en route.

GV is currently $19.99 through Steam’s early access platform.

Source: Reddit, Steam. Thanks, Kinya!


EVE Online‘s new free-to-play account option will be going live as part of an upcoming expansion this November, allowing new players to delve into the game and its community for free without the time limit of a standard free trial. Free players will be restricted to a subset of the game’s skills to limit the types of ships they can fly, and they should max out those skills within about four months. I imagine that most new players will take the alpha clone limitations as a challenge to work within, and many will attempt to collect enough ISK within those first months to begin buying PLEX and effectively subscribing for free.

I discussed the free account limitations and their implications for gameplay in my previous EVE Evolved column two weeks ago, which sparked off some interesting discussion on exactly how powerful free players would be. What kinds of ships will they be able to fly, and how will they fare against subscribers? Is there a useful place for hordes of new players in EVE, or will they just be cannon fodder for the wealthy and established elite? I’ve been investigating various alpha-clone-ready ship setups this week in an attempt to answer these important questions, and my conclusion is that free players may be a lot deadlier in PvP than many people think.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at four cheap but effective PvP ship setups that free players will be able to use. This is just a short clip of the full article. Read the full guide on massivelyop.


Crowfall fans are in for a long, tall drink of information this weekend, poured straight from the minds of creators J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton. The pair sat down for a lengthy Reddit AMA on Friday, tackling dozens of questions from the community.

Coleman said that the team is currently working on the core of Crowfall: “Our next milestone is focused on making the foundation of the MMO work: large scale world(s), persistence across days (…then weeks, then months), scalability of the game service. There are some new systems coming online (harvesting and crafting, revised chat, revised skills), but MOST of the next milestone revolves around the theme of ‘laying the foundation for the real game.’”

The duo confirmed that there will not be regional restrictions between Europe and North America, although the rest of the world is not yet determined. Gordon Walton also addressed the question that looms over the community, namely, when is testing and launch? “We’ll be letting Beta 1 players into testing this year as we start more persistent testing. Actual beta TBD. Actual launch date even more TBD.”

Source: Reddit AMA, recap