Albion Online has a couple of teasers and deep-dives out this week. First up is a look at the newly installed swamp biome. “Biomes will look differently depending on where you are in the world,” explains Sandbox Interactive. “The more dangerous a zone, the more grim the land will appear.” The game’s safer areas will be lush and green (as much as any swamp can be), while the more dangerous spots will tinged red and grey.

Meanwhile, the game’s UI is also due for an upgrade come official launch; Sandbox has released acouple of teaser images already. It’s pretty damn nice check those and the swamp images out below.


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Grav becomes an MMORPG

GRAV One Universe Update Details

Gloria Victis – Two-handed hammers & new locations patched in, sneak peak from a new PVP tournament map

Changelog v.


The latest update introduces new points of interest on the peninsula placed south-west to Dunfen: a village captured by relentless deserters, along with the latter’s camps set by the lakes and the main hideout built on the cliffs. In the nearest future such minor locations will be added on the peninsula near Mereley as well and they all will be filled with numerous dynamic events.

On the other hand, from now on you will be able to smash heads of your enemies with massive two-handed hammers! Moreover, this update introduces a reset of attributes of all characters, as well as a way for a player to do it manually once again – it will be up to you when to use it.

There are also few interface improvements, such as icons informing about new level and a prototype of the K/D list on the PVP tournament. Speaking of the tournament – screenshot shows an early look of one of the locations which you will see in the reworked Valley of Death!

Stay tuned and see you in battle!

Changelog v.

– Implemented new points of interest on the peninsula placed south-west to Dunfen: a village captured by relentless deserters, along with the latter’s camps set by the lakes and the main hideout built on the cliffs
– Added two-handed hammers and their recipes
– Distributed two-handed hammers and their recipes in the NPC vendors assortment and NPC enemies drops
– Increased damage dealt with giants’ clubs
– Changed way of earning the attributes points – from now on you will earn 5 points after earning new level instead of earning 1 point for each 20% experience required for next level and an additional point for next level
– Changed the attribute points cost for increasing the character’s statistics – from now on the tresholds are: 1 point when increasing attribute lower than 150; 2 points for attribute between 150 and 199; 3 points for attribute equal or higher than 200
– Reset attributes of all characters
– Added ability to manually reset attribute points by clicking a button in the statistics panel for one time (earning additional resets will be available in future)
– Added an icon informing about earning new level, clicking on which opens the statistics panel
– Added test sounds for the game’s interface
– Improved characters’ positions synchronization
– Added a prototype of the tournament kill/death lists (Tab button); please remember that this is a very early version with temporary graphics

Known issues:

– In some cases, attribute points spent after reset may not be saved after relog – it will be fixed as soon as possible



Storming the castle isn’t gonna be so easy… Siege defenders will have several styles to choose from, and all of the designs pack a wallop.


In case you missed it when we unveiled these back in March, here’s another look at the catapults available to the attacking team.


And, last but not least, here’s an encore presentation of the Crowfall Live! segment when Greg Tapper demonstrated how he created the visual effects for the ballista.


Do you envision yourself climbing aboard one of these magnificent death machines or do you prefer getting down and dirty in direct combat? Maybe a combination of both?



We all knew that Albion Online’s much-touted final beta is set to begin at the start of August — but the question was when?

Sandbox Interactive cleared things up by posting a schedule for how the final beta will roll out, as not everyone will be getting in on August 1st. Apparently that date is reserved solely for legendary founders, followed by epic founders on the 2nd and veteran founders on the 3rd. All of these tiers will be able to get on at 8:00 a.m. EDT on their respective days.

The beta is expected to run for two to three months and will introduce new biomes, zones, and systems for this developing game. To get into it, fans have to shell out between $30 and $100 for the founders packs.


We are just two days away from Shroud of the Avatar’s final wipe and debut of its persistent world (albeit one that’s still in early access). It is hard to imagine what is going on over at Portalarium, but from the sound of its most recent newsletter, the team is hard at work crossing Is and dotting Ts to shore up the game.

When players experience Release 32 (aka “Don’t You Dare Call It a Launch”), they will get to experience a completely rebuilt cities of Xenos and Spite, as well as an expansion for Brittany’s housing.

Release 32 will arrive on July 28th following a telethon on the 27th and the final wipe at midnight. Future patches are scheduled for August 25th and September 29th. So will you be playing Shroud of the Avatar this week?