We’ve got some cool stuff coming up that I get to announce, and I figured that since this is my third time to commandeer what’s supposed to be a Founders’ Update, I might as well fly it under my own flag. Welcome to my very first “Pannderings”. (And maybe my last, too, if Todd hates the name…)

Watch this space tomorrow for a link to Massively Overpowered’s exclusive release of our latest video—this one’s about Crowfall’s world building tools—and an interview with Todd Coleman. For people who enjoy behind the scenes stuff and insight about game development pipelines, this will be a good one.

Here are a couple of stills from the video to tide you over until you get to see it.


Vlad the Conquerer



EK parcel tool in action



Winter is coming… but not yet

And here is a new screenshot of the large keep and terrain that were created with these tools:


More large keep screenshots have been added to the Crowfall Store so you can check them out. We’ve come a long way since the “Greybox Fly-Thru” video last July, haven’t we?

Not really Crowfall news, but I promised MrMike that I’d mention that several of us have put together a bowling team, Pinfall, and will be participating in the Galactic Bowl, a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you would like to support our team with a donation, we’ll be delighted and grateful.

Finally, I want to point out that we are exactly one week away from the one-year anniversary of when the Kickstarter began (Feb. 24). We’re putting the finishing touches on our celebration plans, so be on the lookout for ways that you can join in the fun and win some prizes. It’s our way of saying thanks for your support; without you, there would be no Crowfall.

Until next time…

Director of Community, ACE

Black Desert Online CBT2 to Release Timeframe

Dear Players,

Launch is approaching rapidly and we’d like to share an insight on our planned roadmap for the next 2 weeks. Additional details can be found at the bottom.

• Pre-Download of CBT2 Client is available on your ACCOUNT page
• Winners from the Beauty & Beast contest will be announced in our forum
• Additional CBT2 keys will be distributed by end of date UTC to those who registered

17.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Everyone who reserved his name by 08:00 UTC will be able to use his reserved name during CBT2 to test this feature

18.02 | 08:00 UTC
• CBT2 will start; follow us for details about patch notesevents and news in our forum
**Relevant threads for CBT2 will be updated before CBT2 start.

22.02 | 08:00 UTC
• CBT2 will be closed
• Character Creator will be closed
• Redeem page for CBT2 keys will be closed

26.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Pre-Order will be closed

27.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Name Reservation will be closed

28.02 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Conqueror’s Package will begin
• Claiming process for Pre-Order Packages will begin

01.03 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Explorer’s Package will begin

02.03 | 08:00 UTC
• Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Traveler’s Package will begin

03.03| 08:00 UTC
• Hard Launch for everyone who purchased the game will begin

• Cash Shop will be opened

• Access your ACCOUNT page to see the download button once pre-download is opened
• Pre-Order Package owners will be automatically activated for this process above
• CBT2 key holders will have to redeem their key first on the redeem page and the follow the process above

Claiming Process for Pre-Order Items
• Once the claiming process has opened, you will have to create first a character on a server of your liking
• Once created, you can claim all items yourself via our website
• Details and URL will be provided prior to the opening

Cash Shop Opening
• The Cash Shop will not be available at launch
• All items available in the Cash Shop will be available during CBT2 testing phase including pricing

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Your BDO Team

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The team over at Gloria Victis is slaving away at building a “living, open world,” with efforts being poured into a recent patch to add even more dynamic events to starting areas. Work on optimization and glitch squashing, while not banner features, also continued.

Gloria Victis’ devs are excited about a big change that’s coming very soon: “[A] new breathtaking location — second part of the recently started Mereley rework — is going to come in the next update. The plundered village, placed between the fort and the recently added fishing docks, is going to be implemented [this] week!”

Source: Patch notes