Camelot Unchained – Beta 1 Checklist Progress, Dragon Head, and Armors

Evening Update – Friday, February 26th, 2016


Fantastic Friday, all! It’s been a really, really great week here in CSE Land, and it’s now 9:30PM here, so let’s get to it.

First, as you know, City State Entertainment is now officially in “crunch mode”. The TL;DR version is that from now until we deliver Beta 1, the studio will be working the equivalent of 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are doing this because we believe that we owe you, our Backers, our best efforts to deliver Beta 1 on our current schedule. We don’t have to do this, and I/we really appreciate all the sentiments from our Backers who are urging us not to burn ourselves out (which we will not do), but we truly want to deliver Beta 1 sooner, rather than later. FYI, as per my last update, we will not be going into crunch at launch to push Camelot Unchained out the door; this is our last crunch for this game/team.

So, expect lots of impromptu tests for Alpha, Beta 1, and IT folks, as we push ourselves to open the gates to Beta 1. For more information on all this, you can head to the Forums and/or watch the livestream that I did regarding Beta 1, here (

Secondly, we got a lot done this week. We’ve updated our Beta 1 checklist by adding 11 items, and we have now checked off four items. These four are:

1) “First Final” pass at player item structure
2) Items exist in the real world: Can be dropped, traded, picked up by a player, and persist in the world
3) Refactor of Animation System with upper and lower body animations
4) Automate bot testing into a single command, and enable them to restart themselves

Lots of progress was also made on other items, so all in all, it was a great week here. While we still have a lot to do (of course), as we showed on today’s livestream with Rob (which you can see here:, we are pretty close to knocking off another major item in the list, which is building destructibility. Andrew also uploaded another Vine today, this time focusing on playing with the gloss/roughness of images with the new lighting system. As you can see here (, we can make things really shiny or not, as our needs require.

Thirdly, we have recovered from MAGFest, and are looking forward to our next convention, whenever that is. We’re thrilled with the response we received while we were there, but we are even more pleased with the response we have gotten in terms of new Backers knocking down our current Stretch Goal. We are only around 10K from unlocking the next one! All I will say about the next Stretch Goal is that I expect a certain segment of our Backers will be very happy with it, and that it’s not an Extender Pack!

Fourth, we have some great art/screenshots to share with you all. By the way, you can watch Michelle’s art livestream from earlier today here:

First up, here’s a quick cartoon Sandra did for the opening of crunch. You’ll see a lot more of them when we send out the newsletter.


Next up, here’s a dragon that Jon was working on at MAGFest.


How about some Arthurian WIP medium armor?


Here’s some other Arthurian armor.


Not to be outdone, here’s some medium armor of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

tuatha medium_1200

Here’s a link to a time-lapsed video playing at 2x speed, as Jon uses ZBrush to sculpt a lion’s face into an armored knee guard here:

And let’s end today’s art-a-palooza with a great screenshot from the current build of the engine (still using the old lighting model). I think it is safe to say that our engine has come along a wee bit since the P.A.T. days, no?


And just think how much better that will look once the new lighting system goes in and the artists get another pass on the textures.

Fifth, Hatchery is now open for business for our Alpha and IT testers. It will remain open all weekend, unless something really bad happens. On Hatchery, you can build and destroy buildings (building destruction is massively OP so we can really test it out). If you play a Human or a Luchorpán (please roll a new character, don’t use existing characters), you can try out the new item system. So, have fun building, destroying, and playing 52-pickup (dropped items look like barrels and can only stack twice) with the current items in the game. Current commands to do so are:

1) Pickup an item from the ground – Stand next to it, hit (J)
2) Drop an item from inventory – (right-click) on the item. Again, dropped items will look like barrels and can only stack twice.
3) Equip an item from inventory – (left click) (left click).

FYI, if you pick up an item, and you are not a Human or Luchorpán, you will be able to put on the equipment, but it will NOT be visually represented right now. This is a relatively untested build; however, because it has a lot of new code that needs testing and because we wanted to start testing as soon as possible, well, it might be a fun weekend for all sorts of reasons. Do not be surprised if something bad happens over the weekend! We certainly won’t be. :)



Finally, next week we will begin our first full week of crunch and livestreaming. The current plan is to have at least five hours of active livestreaming (as opposed to just turning the cameras on) every week, including contests, readings, and much more. Crunch mode may not be a ton of fun, but we are certainly trying to make it a lot more interesting for our Backers, and for ourselves as well!

That wraps it up for today’s update. As we end our first week in Beta 1 crunch, I want to take the time again to thank you, our Backers, for everything you do. As always, I appreciate your patience and ongoing support as we continue to deliver on our pledge to always work hard and treat you with respect. I also want to thank our team for their continued efforts in bringing Camelot Unchained™ to life, as well as my wife, Lady J, who is lending a hand by cooking some dinners for the team. This week the team devoured two types of lasagna, two types of chili, salad, corn bread, brownies, and chocolate banana bread made by Janet. That’s helped make things a bit homier during crunch, and also allowed us to keep the spending down. A win-win!

Again, and as always, we thank you for your support!

CU in the game!


Mortal Online: Magic Development Update 6


Magic Development Update 6

Progress update

Howdy community!
The work on the spiritism patch is still going strong.
Our 8th patch just hit the test server and by now all the code for the spells is finished and the main work we are doing at the moment is on polishing and balancing.
The balancing is quite the task since we want spiritists to have a reasonable way of making money from the ether while still having players’ skill and group coordination be the determining factor in larger fights.

We also need to try to make it so that people who put skillpoints into the spiritism skills and the accompanying multiverse skills get a good payback for their investment.
Still we want everyone to be able to make some kind of money from the ether to avoid spending so much time on building something that a very small part of the community will ever touch.

Our current approach to this is to limit the amount of spirits you will lose when entering the ether with a spiritbox.
A fully skilled spiritist will not lose any spirits while a lower-level will lose some percentage of the spirits he or she has in a spiritbox.

The new etherworld

The mood and look of the etherworld have changed quite a bit.
As I have talked about before you now move much quicker in the etherworld, jump higher and have lower gravity.
But the biggest change is really how you as a player and other spirits look.
You are no longer a hollow version of a hooded figure, you are now a combination of your Akh and what’s left of your Khat bound together in the ether by your Kau.
Kau is now shown as energy streams emitting from you Akh. These energy beams are used to drag your Akh around the world and also indicates to other players how much Kau you have left before you can be pulled out from the ether and expelled.

Here’s a screenshot of what you now look like while in the ether. (Click for larger version)

New spell effects

With new spells come new spell-effects.
Here are a couple of examples (still work in progress) of how the new effects look. All spiritist spells can be cast both in the ether and in the world of the living.
Some spells even functions slightly differently depending on which realm you are in.

Ether Portal
Open a portal from the etherworld to the world of the living, or from the world of the living to the etherworld.

Dispel Portal
Dispel all portals in an area around the target.

Expel Spirit
Modify the target’s Kau attack so that it can be used to banish spirits

Transcendental Awareness
Target will be able to communicate with the dead beyond the ether and sense the living while in the ether.

Transcendental Seance
Summon restless spirits in the etherworld.

Other changes in the patch

Mainly our work is going into the new etherworld but as usual we will include a large amount of bug fixes and balance changes in the patch.
A lot of the issues with the magic combat has been resolved, targeting has been cleaned up and several improvements to self-casting has been implemented.
Several issues with items going to the wrong slot have been sorted out and all loot will now feature one extra row for items to avoid the annoying stacking of items that sometimes occurred.
There’s been changes to looting from blue loot too, as items looted from a blue loot-bag will now be marked as stolen.
We also fixed several issues with stolen items where they could easily be “washed” by trading them to other players or simply dying again.
Tons of fixes for handling stolen items where also added, you can no longer for example place stolen loot in bank slots at all (currently you can but the item will jump back to inventory after a while) etc.
All tool-tips for sellable items will now show the stack price rather than the price for a individual item.
Also, we fixed the break-dancing horse bug and several other issues. :)

That’s all!

We would really love to get your input on all of this so please leave your feedback and thoughts on the forums!

[NEWS] Gloria Victis – Coat of Arms editor applied!

Changelog v. Alpha


Today’s update for Gloria Victis introduces the guilds’ coats of arms editor, allowing players to create and customize the multilayer coats of arms made of background, patterns and symbols! This addition will have a massive impact of the guilds presence in the Gloria Victis world, as in the nearest future the coats of arms will be applied on the banners in locations controlled by a guild.

There is also a massive amount of fixes and improvements to the game and servers performance, gameplay mechanics and interface, such as fixed party chat, increased smoothness of the camera movement control or improved hits detection.

Right now we are doing the last preparations before applying the fully reworked Mereley village and fort – not only they are way more intuitive for the newcomers, but also the massive wooden walls and long houses fit much better to the Ismirs: a nation of gruesome warriors from the frosty North. When the Mereley is finally reworked, Dunfen – main town of another faction, Midlanders – is going to be redesigned as well, with the same primary principle in mind: to improve the user experience.

Changelog v. Alpha


– Implemented the guilds coats of arms editor available in the guilds window – it allows to create the multilayered coats of arms made of background, patterns and symbols; in the nearest future player-made coats of arms will be applied on the banners in locations controlled by a guild
– Improved smoothness of the camera movement
– Improved the hit detection system
– Added a command to reply the latest chat private message: /r
– Added a chat message displayed when player inputs an invalid command


– Fixed the party chat
– Fixed an issue causing that in some cases looting a defeated NPC enemy was not possible


How many times have you expressed (or seen expressed) the desire to watch seasons change in an MMO? That’s not a feature that most titles provide, but it will be part of the landscape of Life is Feudal.

In the sandbox’s newest patch, Life is Feudal has added art for all four seasons. Will seeing the land transition from winter to spring be a small but helpful tool for immersion? Its testers will soon find out!

The patch also contained an herb garden for alchemists, settlement decorations, an auto-repeat function, and some changes to boost the frame rate. You can snap up Life is Feudal for $12 as part of the current Humble Bundle.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Robert for the tip!

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