This might come as a shock to ARK: Survival Evolved players, but Studio Wildcard has announced more content for the survival game, this time in the form of three new environments. OK, so it’s no surprise at all; the studio is known for pouring content into the game at a fairly quick pace. Soon players will have the chance to explore a beautiful ice cave filled with (deadly) jumping puzzles, a humid, swampy arena where the Broodmother now resides, and various ruins (which devs say will play a key role in ARK’s backstory) scattered about the landscape. This new content will be showing up in game in the next few weeks, but you can get a gander at the new environs in the gallery below.

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Wurm Unlimited is still hanging out in SteamSpy’s top 25 after one month of release. A press blurb from Code Club lead developer Rolf Jansson says that the fantasy sandbox also has the third highest playtime of all the games listed as well as an 82 percent positive review rate. He also reveals that Wurm is now available for both Linux and SteamOS.

“I’m extremely proud of the launch of Wurm Unlimited, and I think it is pretty amazing given that people actually run their own MMO engine,” Jansson writes. “This can feel slightly overwhelming with some technical challenges but we’ve made it as straight forward as possible: basically you click two buttons then locate your server in the LAN tab and connect.” He also says that Code Club is continuing development on both the Unlimited and the MMO versions of Wurm, with running water, sitting, and improved client performance next on the to-do list.

In other Wurm news, someone has made Tamriel inside Code Club’s game. It’s described as the “ultimate sandbox server,” though it’s worth noting that the makers haven’t modeled any cities from the Elder Scrolls series.

Source: Press release; Tamriel; thanks Milosanx!

WIPE! Version 0.5 finally going to launch tomorrow in Gloria Victis


The servers went down for maintenance, as we are wiping them at the moment. The wipe should be done until 2PM tomorrow (CET) and then the update 0.5 will be finally released! It not only introduces many so long-awaited improvements and features, such as the total rework of the inventory, guilds, NPC shops and buffs systems, awesome performance increase of the servers and a game client, an inn with a brothel or new NPC enemies, but also moves Gloria Victis to the Alpha stage!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to organize a “goodbye” event before the wipe, as currently the servers performance was a bottleneck – they wouldn’t handle the traffic. But don’t worry – we are going to perform various events on regular basis since this massive update finally goes live!

P.S. A screenshot shows a “Dead Raven’s” Inn. 🙂

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Can an apocalypse happen after the apocalypse? That’s the ironic state of affairs for H1Z1, which will be experiencing a full server wipe tomorrow with a new patch that promises to make the game more stable. The wipe will get rid of all inventory, characters, names, storage, and player-built structures while leaving account items intact.

Daybreak said that it’s taking measures to combat teaming in the solo versions of Battle Royale, such as possibly restricting vehicle use to one player apiece. The studio also warned players against violating the rules in these game modes: “We’ll be reviewing cases in which we think teaming is disrupting the game, and potentially taking action against those accounts.”

Good to know that in 2015 there is still one MMO studio out there brave enough to fight against the evils of socialization and teamwork.


Star Citizen fans have had a long wait for the game’s big Alpha 2.0 update — but that wait is just about over.

CIG announced over the weekend that 2.0 is finally on the test server, where select players are stress testing the patch for its future release. The studio is increasing the testing pool size by 15,000 which was sent out in two waves of invites. Currently bug fixing and polish is the studio’s primary concern for this update.

“This release really is a landmark in Star Citizen and video games history as we’re now pioneering technology that’s never been undertaken to this scale before,” CIG said, “and it’s all thanks to the belief in the backers who helped fund the team to make the dream a reality.”

Source: Star Citizen