Pathfinder Online’s Recruitment Is Flat

Pathfinder-Online-1 Pathfinder Online is currently in “early enrollment” (read: alpha/beta) while charging a subscription, a combination that doesn’t exactly see customers falling over each other to sign up. Regardless, Goblinworks CEO Ryan Dacey took to the forums to express his disappointment in player recruitment being “almost zero.” He suggests that players head to other websites including Reddit, news websites, and the Eve community to openly discuss their activities.
Settlements that are committed to growing should have someone delegated to be visible in these places making regular posts and talking about the cool stuff their Settlement is doing. When the wider community sees activity and fun, that is a powerful attractant.
Dacey’s comments have been criticized by community members, pointing to the game’s early access state coupled with the subscription putting players off.
Ryan, I strongly feel that mass recruiting efforts now are premature. The kind of people we’d be able to pick up from the mainstream sites are people who will login for a week, see a game which is very immature, draw incorrect conclusions, and never come back. The longterm success of the game will be much better if we wait to recruit those people until we have a chance to actually keep them.
I think the real failure was in the original business planning by the people in charge. Seems like what they suspected was a MVP that the target audience would pay money for was grossly miscalculated. Maybe this would have worked 10 years ago.
I will not go and try to make the game look like a million, using sugar-coated words and focusing on telling the positive stories, while completely ignoring or downplaying the negative parts in front of other gamers. So I’m doing the best I can for GW, and that is, being silent.
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If your gaming preferences begin and end with combat, you might find the latest Star Citizen design blog pretty boring. If, on the other hand, you value non-combat gameplay and wish that the MMO industry valued it, too, Star Citizen’s cargo system may pique your interest.

Cloud Imperium’s virtual world will allow players “to more fully interact with their environment than any previous space game.” Cargo will be used both to customize your surroundings and to build a shipping empire or work the black market. The blog outlines how previous genre games have separated the pilot from the cargo with icons and menus, whereas Star Citizen will allow “maximum interaction directly with in-game objects.”

The developers have created a system called Grabby Hands — detailed in four separate videos — that enables extensive interaction without the need to create unique animations for each object in the game.

[Source: Design blog; thanks Cardboard, Cotic, Rioinsignia, fastcart, and Darkwalker75]

Crowfall update with J Todd Coleman 4-24-2015

Pre-Patch Livestream – H1Z1 Virus! [Official Video]

H1Z1: Building the hospital

Building the hospital like a Game of Thrones intro.

CCP would like you to buy some EVE ship SKINS in its cash shop

CCP is ramping up the focus on its cash shop thanks to a new dev blog examining EVE Online’s ship SKIN system. Ship skins are purchased in CCP’s item mall and may be bought or sold for ISK on the in-game market prior to activation. SKINs are used by activating them on a character, which then grants that character permanent access [...]

Landmark shows off its upcoming achievement-based progression

The next big update to Landmark will bring a major update to progression, and that means a major update to how the game’s achievements work. You earn achievements to get big stat boosts, which allow you to progress to more difficult content and earn bigger and better achievements. The achievements are based on a combination of major “layers,” which are [...]

Mortal Online: Aralis & Kuthara Interview

H1Z1 Hacker Impression – MaximusBlack

EVE Evolved: How many subscriptions does EVE have?

Two weeks ago, a mathemagician over at The Nosy Gamer published some interesting calculations showing that EVE Online‘s subscriptions may have dropped by around 18% in the past two years. CCP has always prided itself on the fact that EVE has grown year-on-year since release, but the last official number we heard was when it reached 500,000 subscriptions back in [...]

El Somni Quas developers issue a design manifesto

We introduced El Somni Quas to you last week — it’s an old school sandbox created by an indie team in the Czech Republic. But that team is keenly aware of some of the genre’s stereotypes and assumptions about indie projects and Ultima Online-inspired sandboxes in particular. Jiří Wallenfels, producer of the ESQ project, sent Massively Overpowered a copy of its planned manifesto [...]

Mortal Online: Sarducaa Development Update 6

Sarducaa Development Update 6

Progress update

Today’s development update is a little bit different.
Normally we would have a large epic concept art and a large section of lore, but not this week. The writers are currently working on a large piece of lore that we will hopefully bring you with the next development update.
So today we instead focus on giving you more screenshots then we have ever done before, and we also give you a video of the new mount type (the Gamal) and bring you two work-in-progress versions of two new songs from the soundtrack!

The past two weeks the coders have been hard at work trying to iron out bugs. We have also built a couple of new things that hopefully will bring better balance to ranged combat.
The new coder Jonas has been keeping a small weekly progress log going on the forums, if you have missed it you can read it here: Week 1 Week 2
We have focused a lot of the bug fixing the past weeks on getting the most common UI issues sorted out. Fishing has also gotten a couple of pretty nasty bugs ironed out and the way tamed AI crosses nodes has been greatly improved.

The art people have generate a ton of new NPCs for Sarducaa and made several variations on the new and some old mobs. The jungle has also been further expanded upon and the main cites have been polished up to look better than they have done before.
5 new armors have been added and are currently being balanced on the test server.
The world has also been filled with more interesting minor NPCs and interesting new ways to raise and get pets as well as several new secrets to be found.

The Gamal

The new mount that will be coming with the new expansion is called Gamal.
As you might imagine the Gamal is especially good at handling the high temperatures on Sarducaa, something that will impact most other mounts.
Just like every other mount in Mortal Online the Gamal can be used in breeding and is generated using code giving us a massive amount of different looks and stats.
In this video you can see the new model and a couple of variations.


Here you can listen to two new tracks from the new Sarducaa sountrack.
The first one will be used to set the mood in the jungle and the second in the mountainous areas.
We have previously put up videos with 3 other new tracks and they can be found on the official youtube channel.


Since we don’t have any lore or concept updates this week we instead try to bring you a large variety of screenshots.
This week you get a glimpse of another part of the jungle as well as some caves. We also included a couple of screenshots of the mobs we have been following.
Please keep in mind that this is work in progress and things can still change.

That’s all for this week!


Crowfall is delivering a two-for-one dev update today, starting with lore behind the Myrmidon. The Myrmidon is a minotaur that made it into the game thanks to an early stretch goal. According to the game lore, the Myrmidon was created by a trickster god so that “the hunter must never forget how it feels to be hunted.”

The devs also posted a video showing the creation of the female Confessor’s 3-D avatar by the game’s artists. Get a first look at the Confessor after the break!

[Source: Crowfall]

Aftermath – What is it? What’s new?!

Raph Koster explains Star Wars Galaxies’ TEF PvP system

A long time ago on a website far, far away, we were having a discussion about modern MMOs and their inability to make sandboxes more than thinly disguised FFA gankfests. I suggested that devs riff on Star Wars Galaxies and its early TEF (temporary enemy flagging) system as a way to incorporate optional FFA PvP into a PvE sandbox. As it turns out, the system was incredibly complex [...]