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Progress update

Hi there community!
With elementalism now completed and fully patched we thought we might talk a bit about what’s next and try to give you some kind of roadmap to follow. Please note that things might change but overall there are three big things we want to adress in the near future and today we will give you rough outline of what we want to do and why we want to do it.
We are once again trying to get the community involved as soon as possible to get feedback so please discuss these topics on the forums.


Revamped tutorials

We are still having a surprising amount of new people testing out the game every day. However we are having trouble with keeping them interested and invested in the game.

In an attempt to solve this and shield these new players from the more difficult parts of the game we will introduce a starter island. The starter island will follow the same rules as the rest of Nave and has most of the things you can do in the main game but at a smaller scale.

In this area players can learn trades from different NPCs by doing minor tasks. These tasks do not only teach the player about the different parts of the game but it also rewards them with extra goodies once they are completed. This will speed up the initial leveling experience for new players.

Players can stay on the starter island for as long as they want. When they decide to leave they can take everything they have earned on the starter island with them using a special bank but they can never come back to it. This island will not be as profitable as the rest of Nave as the goal is to get the players into the game and learn the basics, not to make them rich.

The starter island will be heavily monitored for trolling and other types of bad behavior. People who do not follow the rules will be banished from the island. These rules will be much stricter than in the rest of Nave.

This island will also include better ways to communicate and get in contact with the different guilds of Nave so that hopefully new players may be interested in joining a guild once they leave or even join one while still on the island. Being part of a group or a guild helps new players a lot as they can ask more seasoned players for advice or even gear.

Currently a new player that gets killed in Tindrem might lose everything they own in one strike. But after earning both skills and items on the starter island hopefully this player will be able to re-equip themselves and get back into the game again. New players will also be introduced to the dangers of Nave and what it means to play a full loot open world game where players can chose to steal from or attack other players at any point.


What we want to do

This issue has been discussed for a very long time on the forums and we agree that things need to change. These changes can be split up into smaller patches in a better way than the starter island so hopefully we can patch this in a similar way to how we patched Elementalism. We would greatly appreciate feedback on all of these points. So please leave your feedback on the forums as this is a difficult and large area of the game.

We have had a pretty clear core vision in mind for territory control from the very start. It is however a massive system that have evolved a lot since its first inception. What works and what doesn’t work is often difficult to predict in a sandbox game and often the community don’t all agree with the changes we make to territory control as some parties use it to dominate the world and others simply want to use it to build a friendly community or a trade hub.
With that said here are some topics we want to address in the coming months:

Alliance System

Currently it can be difficult for guilds to group up and have any chance against the bigger guilds in the game. By introducing an Alliance System smaller guilds will hopefully have a better way of grouping up and fighting the massive guilds and keep them in check.
Anyone who you are allied to will be treated like if they are in your guild from a flagging standpoint. Allied players will be flagged as if they are in your guild but with a extra icon on top of the flag. The same goes for guilds that become flagged as being at war with you due to you being in a guild that is allied to a guild that is at war with them.

Stricter Control Tower rules

The idea behind control towers was that guilds could constantly fight over and harass these important points on the map. Control towers are rather weak and should be going down and up again rather often but this is not happening. One issue we have struggled with is placement. The current system for placing Control Towers is very open. They can be placed on almost any place in the world. This is good from a sandbox standpoint but also opens up for towers being placed in seemingly unreachable spots on the map. We want to make these rules stricter to hopefully increase conflict around territory.
Not a lot stricter, but a bit.

Territory Capture System

This is yet another idea that has been talked about on the forums. Instead of guilds having to completely destroy everything a guild owns to build their city, they will now be able to gain control over it.
Currently Territory Structures that aren’t in anyone’s territory will lose life every hour. This change would make it possible for guilds to take that territory and then convert the structures to their side.
Our current idea is that the structure will only switch guild if it’s under a certain percentage of life. This way the original owner has a chance to defend itself and take it back, but since the structure will lose life due to riots, after some time has passed it will simply be captured.

Siege Weapon Placement

Placing siege weapons can be a real pain. We want to move the placement system into the new type of placement that is used by both territory structures and modular buildings. This will also open up the system for new small structures that can be used during sieges but aren’t weapons.


Sieges currently take a very long time, require a lot of setup and are in general not as interesting as a siege should be. We have some ideas that involve adding more active preparation before the sieges start around the keep or house in question. At this point these ideas are just that – ideas. We will release more information on this topic as they come closer to being proper design.

We will also guild-flag any siege weapons that are placed, which makes it so that defenders can use siege machines from inside their palisades without having their own guards attacking them.


This is a big one.

We want to introduce some of our first factions in Nave. Players will be able to join any of these 3 factions if the faction’s requirements are met. Once a player joins a faction everyone in that faction will be allied to the player, and will be at war with everyone in any other faction.
As with allies, people who are in the same faction will be flagged as allied/at-war with an extra icon on the flag. While in a faction you will have the ability to gain and lose faction points that can then be spent on faction-specific items, abilities and favors.

Factions Wars

To complement these factions we want to introduce a daily event that will take place at a set time every day (alternating every other day between EU peak time and US peak time).
Everyone on the server will be informed that this will happen at a certain point and anyone who is in a faction may join in to help their brothers and sisters out.

The goal of the daily faction war is to invade another faction’s base and steal their faction sigil.
These sigils are sealed in a statue by a magnetic shield. To be able to break this shield you will first have to charge your character by draining power from your own faction’s sigil. This can only be done at set times every day as the sigils need to recharge.

If you manage to get an enemy faction sigil back to your sigil and hold it there until the time runs out your faction will be rewarded with faction points. Other actions during the faction wars will also reward players with extra faction points.

Each faction will have its progress tracked and visible on the site.

Hopefully this will encourage more meaningful conflicts for the people who want that out of the game and keep PvP players fighting other PvP players rather than mindlessly slaughtering people to get their kicks.

That’s all!

The way we implemented Elementalism has been well received by the community. Instead of patching everything at once we try to push out patches more often each with its own new set of features and we want to try to do that again. Obviously the new player experience needs to be patched all at once but the other additions can mostly be split up into smaller parts and patched once they are finished.

As usual please note that these are bullet points of what we want to do and nothing is set in stone. This is not everything we want to change but the main things and as per usual we will patch bugs and do minor balance tweaks as well.

We would really like your feedback on these upcoming changes so make sure you leave them in this thread:

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Crowfall – Crowfall Q&A Live! for March

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Is Crowfall Making A MASSIVE MISTAKE?

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If you missed last week’s Conan Exiles stream, you actually missed some good stuff. The big news centers on the economic system en route for the game. Funcom explains that players will be able to find and trade – and even forge – different types of coinage and currencies, as well as trade with NPC merchants and thrall-traders, chiefly in the Unnamed City, which is due for quite the overhaul with new NPCs. Fast travel will also be possible via craftable map rooms.

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Legends of Aria March Update Plans

Buckle up, buttercups, this is going to be loooooooong. We have been crunching on an update for you!


1.  What’s in this update?




I’m not sure that’s an actual word, but we’re rolling with it. One of our mottos is “if it doesn’t exist, it’s up to us to put it out there,” after all.


What is it? Basically, it an entirely new way to handle coloring objects in the world. Something made of leather and metal in the same armor set, it’s currently all blue. In the new system, should you want to use cobalt colored metal in your mixed armor, just the metal bits would be blue. Also, adding color in the current system really just made stuff darker. Now we can do proper colors, including lighter shades. Finally, stuff you make will take on the aspects of the material you made it from. Did you mine some starry purple ore? Now it automatically makes starry purple metal armor.

NOTE ABOUT THAT IMAGE: Those are test images. While all those colors will indeed be in the upcoming patch, some may only be accessible by those with admin powers for the foreseeable future.


Why now? The current system has been a massive block for design and for player differentiation. Being able to be a unique person is key to the feeling of LOA. This is going to open up all kinds of options for new content, and it’ll blow the player economy wide open.


It also lays the groundwork for customization things like dye and dye tubs (though when you get your hands on those is still being decided as I type).


What does this mean for your existing items? Not much, honestly. They might not be pretty, you will probably want new stuff, but it should all be as functional as it was before. As you know, there will be a server wipe someday, but that day is not now.




Mostly client side optimization, not server side (though we are hard at work on that as well – just not likely to make it into this patch). You should see positive changes, but please note, this is not complete. We’ll be continuing to optimize for months to come.



One of the key things about LOA is that you aren’t forced into a box or onto a track with a few meaningless “skill tree” options that steer you toward, at best, two builds with minor variations. However, our character builder at the very beginning created the impression that you were picking one of five classes. Because this kind of game needs to be reintroduced to the gaming public at large, we needed to make clear from the beginning that in LOA, you DON’T pick a class. Now there are some skills and skill points to allocate as you choose. We hope the new process better reflects our open ended game.


Also, we’re adding more options for skin tones, hair, that kind of stuff.


The two most notable interface improvements are 1) double clicking to use things instead of right clicking everything, and 2) you’ll be able to click on someone/something’s health bar and drag it around your screen until it best suits you.

Other things may appear in the patch notes. We are trying to tackle things like players and their pets getting stuck while casting recall, the statue breaking bug, and other things that are basically sand in the gears of your day.


2. So when is this update happening?


The 30th, if it all goes to plan. Potentially earlier “Experimental” testing, so remind yourselves of what the NDA says if you might want to get in on that 😉

3. So is this CB2?




4. Huh?


Right. So, first and foremost, we’re redoing our roadmap as soon as we finalize dates. We’ve learned a LOT since we started testing the game with you, and the big thing we’ve learned is that there is zero chance of an open beta in April. I was actually gearing up to tell you that CB2 wouldn’t start until the end of April, or even possibly May. I know that’s a bit abrupt, but I’ve been chatting with the community on our forum, and I know you want to hear it straight with no…baloney.

Second, we’re going to be at PAX East in Boston from April 5-8 (and we hope to see you there, so much so that I’ll be doing a contest with a PAX badge as the prize!). If you’re not familiar with the convention, it’s a major opportunity to let players spend some hands on time with the game and make new friends. We’ll announce the new roadmap while we’re there, as well.


Typically, game companies create a special demo for conventions. Characters that have every single ability, monsters that drop loot like a pinata, endless gold, and crafting that succeeds 100% of the time.

We think players actually hate those things in the long run because you never know if you played the real thing or a Potemkin village. Plus, we’re a small and scrappy team, even with the addition of two new programmers. Everything we do, EVERYTHING, has to ultimately serve the real game. And we can’t afford to do things twice.

So in order to demo the game, the real game, we wanted to get the new player creation process up. We needed to jack in some performance fixes. The hueing stuff will make everything look much better.

There didn’t seem to be a reason to give that stuff to a bunch of strangers at PAX and not to you, just to “save it” for the next phase of beta.

As a matter of fact, we badly need you to test the hell out of these things even though the patch isn’t part of an official beta stage. You see, it’s going to go up to you only a few days before we demo the game to outsiders. We need you to hammer the crap out of it and report all the bugs you find so we have a prayer of getting it cleaned up.

After PAX, we’re going to sit down and figure out what’s in the rest of the build for CB2. (I’ll be asking for your input on that later, by the way.) And go from there.

Will you help us test this build?

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With 15 developers now on staff and progression toward an alpha build, Reign of Guilds is slowly but surely taking shape as a hardcore medieval MMORPG sim.

The team said that it has packed up its public prototype and will be restricting the upcoming alpha to “ROG Club” participants who have supported the game. “ROG club membership is not a reward or present — this is our appeal to the active players to participate in test, share feedback, discuss classified information and so on,” the studio said.

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Conan Exiles Speedbuild #3 – Game of Thrones Dragonstone Castle on TestLive Update – PC

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