Wurm Online introduces underground housing, invasion system

Patch Notes 24/MAY16 Jackal Rising

  • Rifts
    • Invasions from the moon Jackal! Team up, kill creatures and sacrifice their hearts to bring the next wave.
    • Rifts will spawn randomly over the server, away from deeds.
    • Source can also be sacrificed to open the rift if hearts are not available.
    • They will spawn on all servers.
    • Collect loot dropped by Rift creatures, with shoulder pads, rings, bracelets providing over two dozen different bonuses!
    • Bonuses from Rift equipment will be disabled on PvP servers (for now).
    • Invasions will be marked with a red light shining into the sky, they will appear 3 days prior to an invasion on PvE servers, and 1 hour prior to the invasion on PvP servers.
  • Cave dwellings!
    • Currently PvE only, they will come to PvP when adequate countermeasures are introduced.
    • They require reinforced flat floors.
    • Can be built up to 8 stories.
    • Plain stone building types only.
    • Can be built against walls on deed only.
    • Take fast decay when off deed
  • Source Crystals can now be mined from any tile type.
  • Silver Mirrors can no longer be traded in containers.
  • Bugfix – Fixed a few grammatical and text errors.
  • Bugfix – Destroying altars now checks the ‘destroy items’ permission for allies and non-citizens
  • Bugfix – Scythes no longer take damage when harvesting non grain fields.
  • Bugfix – Movement speed on bridges corrected.
  • Bugfix – Attaching a lock to a group of items now only locks the first unlocked item.
  • Bugfix – Fences in arched walls have improved permission checks for destroying.
  • Bugfix – Unlocked and unmoored boats on PvP servers can now be dragged by anyone with the appropriate strength.
  • Bugfix – Keyholders can now take items from locked containers even if they lack permissions.
  • Bugfix – Corrected an issue which allowed some priests to pray at any altar.



The ultimate goal of the Darkfall: New Dawn team is not just to relaunch the original Darkfallwith no alterations, hence the subtitle. However, while the full-on reboot is being developed, the team is providing players with the InDev server, which is just straight-up classic 2012 Darkfall. But how do you get players to play on a server that’s definitely going away once the real thing is ready without having it feel like a glorified waiting room? With rewards, naturally.

Players will not be able to carry over progress directly from the InDev server to the Darkfall: New Dawn servers, but benefits will be earned by purchasing and playing the older version of the game. Players who make significant progress will also be rewarded with certain unlocks and gear rewards to help accelerate veterans out of the starting areas. Check out the full rundown if you’re thinking about taking part but want to make sure that your time on a temporary server will still be rewarded.



One of the big elements of Camelot Unchained‘s design philosophy is the difference between its three factions. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if everyone looked the same, would it? So the start of the most recent update from the development team shows off the concept art of Arthurian swords vs. Tuatha swords. Both are very clearly designed to be slightly ornamented weapons, but the swords look very different. And really, aren’t pictures worth thousands of words on the open exchange?

Let’s hope so, because that’s largely what the update is about, with more pictures showing off improvements to the game’s rendering of building and blocks. The current version of the test client is capable of supporting 181 million buildings blocks on a server, compared to 5000 on a server in the initial builds. So while you can’t quite test the game, it’s good to know that the version you will be able to test has space to grow… and it will look pretty.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, btt.

[NEWS] Gloria Victis – Brand new main menu & reworked hits detection system



The latest weekly update for Gloria Victis is live! It introduces a completely reworked hits detection system, which allows players to better control the timing and distance when performing attacks. We have also adjusted the attack ranges for different types of weapons, therefore increasing a meaning of the proper movement and reactions. In effect, the combat system became even more skill-based and more rewarding for the experienced players. Moreover, entire system works way more smoother after the overhaul, greatly improving the servers’ performance and players’ experience from battles.

On the other hand, we have applied a brand new main menu! An animated artwork welcomes players with a promise of the core of Gloria Victis: vast but harsh lands, bloody battleground, defeat and glory and setting your goals by yourself. The new login screen also greatly harmonizes with the recently added main theme composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz and creates immersion from the very first minutes in a game!

And the last but not least – due to preparations for the upcoming Steam release we have a pleasure to invite every Gloria Victis player for today’s stress-test! It will start on the EU server at 8 P.M. CEST – right before the PVP tournament. Everyone feel welcome to join and help us testing the recent progress, and bring all your friends from the game!

See you on the battlefield!

Changelog v.

– Completely reworked the hits detection system, giving players much more control over distance and timing during combat
– Adjusted the attacks range for different types of weapons, making them reflecting the actual size of each weapon
– Added new main menu – an animated artwork harmonizing with the recently added main theme
– Improved the servers’ performance

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